What Should One Expect From My Online Marketing Firm?

Hiring an online marketing firm can be a great investment for your business. But as with any investment, you want to know that you are getting something of value for your money. If you are currently in the process of hiring an online marketing firm, you are probably expecting them to increase your SEO and use various techniques to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. But if those are your only expectations, you may not be expecting enough.

When choosing an online marketing firm, there are a few questions that you can ask in order to separate the good from the great.

Do you report on ROI?

As Jerry McGuire put it, “Show me the money!” An online marketing firm can do a lot to increase your company’s exposure, but if the end result is not more customers or more sales, then what is the point? If you are going to invest the time and money into an online marketing campaign, it should deliver real results. Your online marketing firm should be able to show you how many leads were generated and how many new customers you gained as a result of their efforts.

How will you help to convert visitors into customers?

It is easy to get excited when you see a spike in web traffic after you have just launched your online marketing campaign. But ultimately, your goal is not merely to bring more visitors to your website. Your ultimate goal is to increase your revenue through more sales and more customers. If that doesn’t happen, then the increased traffic really does not matter.

Ask your online marketing firm how they will help in converting visitors into customers. The firm that you hire should be able to gather data on prospects which will help in your marketing efforts.

Do you track emails and telephone calls?

Whether it comes from an email sent through a web form or a telephone call from someone who is looking at your website, leads are critical to your business. If your online marketing firm is not able to track these, then you are missing out on valuable data and possibly on sales as well.

How do you market to leads that aren’t ready to buy?

Did you know that 97% of the visitors who come to your site for the first time are not ready to buy? These visitors are looking for information, and comparing the information on your site to that of your competitors.
So you need to ask how your online marketing firm is going to market to this very large and very important group of people.

Does the online marketing firm use detailed analytics to make marketing decisions?

Your online marketing firm should do more than simply set up a Google Analytics account for you. They should explain what the significant numbers mean and adjust their campaigns as necessary to improve the results.
Furthermore, if Google Analytics is the only tool that your online marketing firm is using, then they are missing out on important data. Experienced online marketers will use other hybrid tools to help the gather and interpret key metrics.

Remember, the purpose of analytics is not merely to end up with a fancy looking report – the purpose is to gain information that can recommend a course of action and ultimately lead to a better bottom line for your business.

So when selecting an online marketing to firm to work for your business, remember to ask these questions. And if you don’t like the answers, invest your online marketing dollars elsewhere. Contact us for your free consultation.

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