Features That Impact Your Adwords Advertising Performance

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AdWords Advertising Performance

New Google AdWords features are being released every year. Some features will be utilized to the fullest and some will not. Many tools go underused despite being dynamic and powerful. There are so many features available that you won’t have the time and resources to use them all. It’s important to know which tools will be useful to your business and how to use them correctly. Taking advantage of the right features can have a serious impact on your AdWords advertising performance.

Here is an overview of some of the features you should be embracing right now.

Remarketing Audience

This feature allows you to display certain ads that are created for a specific set of users based on their behaviour. For example, if a user adds items to their shopping cart but doesn’t complete their purchases, you can create a Remarketing Audience ad type that shows ads displaying a discount code. The Remarketing Audience is made in Google Analytics, and can be used in DoubleClick Bid Manager and AdWords.

Callout Extension

This feature lets you add extra text with your search ads. The callout appears in ads at the top and bottom of the search results page. It gives you the chance to display a bit more information about your services. Examples of extensions you might want to include in your callout include:

– Free shipping

– Price matching

– 24/7 customer support

– Fast shipping

– Online chat

– Servicing entire Toronto

All it takes is an additional word or two to get more clicks.

Mobile App Marketing Feature

While you might already be involved in the mobile market, you might not have considered app marketing. While app promotion ads have already been available in AdWords, Google is making features that will allow you to create and market your own app. You’ll be able to reach prospects based on the types of apps they already have installed on their mobile devices as well as in their purchase/download history.

Since most apps are only used once before deleted, Google is developing tools to help “push” consumers into the apps that they have already installed via “app deep linking”.

You can read more on PPC for Mobile Devices, just follow the link.

Ad Customizer

Ad customizers adapt ads to the real-time context of searchers: what they are searching for, the device they’re using, where they are browsing, etc. First, you will need to create a customizer data, and then set up the ad text with customers in each ad group. You can dynamically feed the ads from Excel sheets and similar files.

Bid Strategies

This feature automatically manages bidding to achieve specified goals. Some webmasters are reluctant to implement Bid Strategies since it may require some testing.

Some of the goals you can use bid strategies for include:

– Maximizing conversions

– Maximizing revenue

– Obtaining specific keyword positions or keeping keywords within a certain percentage range

– Advanced targeting

– Getting the most clicks possible for your monthly budget

This tool also allows you to adjust bids on mobile devices.

Some of these features may take some time to master, but they’re definitely worth the effort. In the long run, they will help you achieve better performance with your AdWords advertising.

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