It is Saturday, and while most people would be out running errands and enjoying the extra shut-eye, the Nova Solutions team is in work mode, creating some exciting new video blogs for all to enjoy. Along with our wonderful videographers, the team had a fun day shooting over 15 videos, covering unique topics on Internet marketing while striking a cool pose!

In today’s business world, with time being valued more than ever, video content is vital to both branding and SEO efforts. Whether it is animation, testimonials, video blog entries, or custom scenario projects, video is the most liked and shared content – which is precisely why Nova has become involved in video production for many of its great clients.

Video content can be spread on a number of social video networks like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion, among others. Videos not only spread the word, but they enormously benefit your business’ SEO. With each video having a unique description, tags, and discussions in the comment sections, the amount of SEO-juice is staggering, and offers many businesses the advantage in their online marketing strategy that they were itching for. Furthermore, video content can be an excellent vehicle for interesting social media posts, which once again, can be very engaging to an audience.

So whether your goal is to brand your business or product, increase social media engagement, improve your SEO, or simply have some fun generating interest in your business, video content is the way to go. Happy recording!

Andrew Crowe

Andrew is a unique addition to the Nova team, not only does he possess a wealth of graphic design experience, he also is a seasoned web developer who has worked with many CMS products and excels at creating stunning (UXD) User Experience Design. Andrew puts a little bit of soul in every webdesign project, giving the design a life of it's own.

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