Search Engine Optimization can be tricky. Industry trends are constantly changing, forcing businesses and Internet marketers to regularly adjust their techniques and strategies. Successful marketers can make the appropriate changes at the drop of a dime, but even the most experienced SEO gurus find challenges in trying to anticipate the future. Many new SEO tendencies have been born in just the past few months and, given the changing search engine environment, this trend will continue well into the future. So, at this point, what is in store for the future of Search Engine Optimization? I anticipate it will look a little something like this.

Social Recognition and Brand Relevancy

Websites with no traditional SEO practices will become top search results. Brand relevancy and strong recognition from social pages will contribute to a rise in non-traditional search engine results.

Local Search Results

As the Internet continues to expand and content is published at an exponential rate, local searches will become much more important. Content and websites should be more locally oriented to help differentiate from the influx of information being published on the web.

Rising Importance of Google+

Since its inception, Google+ has been ridiculed as a lousy form of social media and perhaps Google’s only failed endeavor. Think again. While still not as popular as other social media giants, Google+ will be the answer to SEO dominance. This platform provides a direct link to the Internet’s most established search engine and is a natural step in increasing top search engine appearances.

Continued Popularity of YouTube

YouTube will remain a powerhouse platform for sharing content and ideas. Videos will continue to be more popular and receive higher search rankings than blog posts or written content, and they are easy to optimize for keywords. Additionally, creativity in content will always trump cut and dry, boring product plugs. Have fun with it!

Continued Increase in Mobile Searching

People are using mobile devices more and more and often rely on them more than personal computers and laptops. 61% of mobile searchers who stumble upon a non-optimized site will leave instantly to search for something more cell-phone compatible. Internet marketers must begin to structure their marketing campaigns to meet the needs of computers and mobile devices alike.

Search Engine Algorithms Will Continue to Improve

We are seeing this trend already. The Google Hummingbird algorithm, introduced in 2013, made incredible strides in understanding the natural language of a content article to begin a shift away from keyword flooding. Search engines will also begin understanding the context of a search – a trend we are already beginning to see through local search patterns and Google Now.

The SEO world is constantly evolving, and Internet marketers must actively seek out trends and anticipate what’s to come in order to maintain positive search results. New and exciting changes are headed our way in the coming years and, while by no means an exhaustive list, you can expect the above six items to play a major role in the future of Search Engine Optimization.

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