Remarketing is the ultimate way of getting re-qualified customers back to your website with the intent of action. It is a fact that customers have to see your ad several times before they make their final purchasing decision. The effective frequency of your ad is just that- the number of times your ad has to be viewed before a final decision is made.

Remarketing, often called retargeting, allows you to display ads frequently to people who have already viewed your website. The way it works is that codes are tagged to product / service pages on your website so that the next time a customer visits that page they will catch a cookie which would indicate their interest in the particular service or product. As these individuals go about their browsing, they are places in a targeted group which is being targeted for the “re-marketing” of the previously visited web page through display ads. It is a tool to help you connect with these potential customers once they have left your site.

This type of advertising carries a huge benefit for your company because you are remarketing to people who have already shown interest in your products or services. Thus not only are they interested in the service or product, but also see it a second time around which statistically brings them closer to a buying decision. Each impression from re-marketing ads will increase your chances of gaining a new conversion.

Another key element to success of this type of advertising is its relatively inexpensive nature. A click on the banner often costs a fraction of the Pay-Per-Click. Furthermore, this is type of marketing is additionally reinforced with an incentive that is being offered to the “targeted” group.

PPC can actually help to set a base for any future SEO campaigns one may consider. It allows you to test your keywords to see if advertising under them generates desirable return on investment. PPC acts as a testing ground to find the keywords that draw the most traffic and convert into the most leads. It then makes sense to optimize your website organically under these keywords in order to generate double exposure on the Search engine page.

One of the main benefits you can expect to see from remarketing or retargeting is brand exposure because your customers will be constantly exposed to your brand, which puts you in the front of their minds. This leads to higher conversion rates and better ROI because better conversion means a faster return on investment at a lower cost per sale. With remarketing you are also able to target specific audience groups based on their interests and demographics. Google remarketing helps you to target customers who left without purchasing, customers who did purchase and those who abandoned their shopping carts or changed their minds in the process.

You may be thinking that re-exposing existing customer is annoying or redundant but the fact that people are being regularly reminded of your brand will keep you fresh in their mind. So, for existing customers, this may mean more referrals. Google retargeting allows you to take full advantage of your site traffic, since earlier unfulfilled visits are “retargeted” for a special offer. You are reaching customers that are most likely to convert and buy because they have at one point visited your website and thus are interested and more familiar with your company. It helps you move from a generic message to a more specific and tailored one. For example, exclusive offers can be made through remarketing ads to being people in who have shown an interest in your website.

Retargeting should be integrated and combined with other online marketing tactics for optimal results. It is a tool that helps you to remain in the game without having to do constant work.

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