Google Rolling Out The New Rounded Search Results Layout

Have you noticed a change in Google’s mobile search result interface? Well, you’re not alone. It’s now confirmed that Google is introducing the new curved mobile search results interface. The new design features results cards with beautiful rounded or curved corners. This design has been tested for a couple of months now and so it comes as no surprise that Google is now rolling it out to majority of its users. Most searchers, who have noticed this amazing new look, took notice just a few hours ago.

This new redesign to Google mobile search result is considered one of the biggest since 2013 when the unified card design was launched. Though Google did not make a formal announcement before rolling out this particular feature, it’s apparent that there have been changes to its mobile search results. Perhaps these changes are being done as a result of the skyrocketing number of mobile users globally. We know more and more people prefer to use their mobile devices to search for items online. This growing number is forcing search engines to work effortlessly in order to give users the best mobile experience.

Who Will Be Affected?

The new mobile interface that appears curved or rounded has been in testing mode for a while now. But what it appears today for many users is that it’s currently being launched. What we cannot confirm is whether the interface will be rolled out to only a few people or everyone at once. Since this is not an algorithm update, it is surprising that Google did not make any formal announcements beforehand in this regards.

However, a Google spokesman confirmed this major change in mobile search results interface last week. We’re looking forward to see how people will respond to this new design feature. The curved or rounded edges certainly make the page look more modern. Although this particular change doesn’t affect SEO results in anyway, it is one of the efforts made by the search engine to boost mobile search experience.

An Enhanced Look And Feel

It’s certainly not the first time for Google to make changes to its search results design. There have been numerous changes rolled out in the past that have gone a long way to give users the best mobile search experience. From changing the background colors to increasing font and so much more, we’ve witnessed numerous design elements added and removed from the search results page layout over the years. It’s safe to say that Google will continue with changes that boost the design of search results. We’re glad that the search engine is not just paying attention to algorithm updates that result in penalties. Perhaps the best news for webmasters is that they don’t have to worry about their search rankings dwindling after this major design update.

Key Features To Take Note Of

First things first, you’ll notice the search bar where you enter your query is now wider than it used to be. This wider bar allows users to easily type in the query and make changes or edits when necessary. Another design update that stands out is the white background. The simplicity of this white background is that it helps to focus more on the content. It also declutters the search page results so you can easily click on a link you want.

Overall, the changes have made search results cleaner and we love the new look. The curved mobile search results tend to make the page look more organized and users can easily filter the content and select what’s relevant for them. The page titles also stand out really clearly in the blue color with this new layout.

Google performs testing of hundreds of layouts every so often in order to determine whether the design has any influence on user experience. This means a lot of work for webmasters who have to constantly keep checking what’s new. What makes it even more difficult to follow through is the fact that Google doesn’t roll out these changes to everyone at the same time. However, this time round, the guessing game is over since Google’s spokesman confirmed the changes in search results cards witnessed these past few days. So far, the new design layout looks quite impressive, don’t you think?

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