Meet the Future in Web Design: The Grid Web Design

The makers of The Grid, a cutting edge website builder, certainly recognize the growing demand for better and more intuitive tools for making the process of building websites less complicated. That is why they have designed a tool that not only helps you build a website, but essentially teaches your website to build itself, and then rebuild as it gathers data about how it was being used by visitors. Instead of building a website pixel by pixel yourself, the Grid team uses artificial intelligence to design your website based on your content and goals.

The Grid advertises itself as “AI websites that design themselves,” and really benefits those who are not professional web designers who want to ease of being able to organize content in a website without having to wrestle with fundamental design issues like, should you put that checkout button in the middle or top right?

How does Grid Web Design work?

When you create a website with the Grid, it will first ask you to define a purpose for the content. This could mean you can tell it whether you are trying to gain followers, get more clicks or video views, garner crowdfunding, or a variety of other customized options—like magic, your site will be optimized for that purpose.

Upload photos, and colours for your website design will be picked out from those images, algorithmically ordered, and matched together. Shapes are added around certain types of content and images are cropped automatically, all done through a series of incredibly complex algorithms that make it all seem effortless.

The Grid has not fully launched to the public but its own website is the best example of what the technology is capable of creating. The site is eye-catching and elegant with a subtle rhythm as it scrolls. True to the purpose of the technology, the team created their website by simply inserting text and images at it and the site picked its own layout.

The service is being developed by ex-Google AdSense Director of Products Brian Axe and the first Medium designer Leigh Taylor.

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