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Our process begins with arranging a consultation at a time and place that suits you. This will help us to understand your business, who your customers are and what your online presence could be. We will help you to analyze past and current website strategies to identify any missed opportunities or areas for improvement.

During your consultation, we enjoy explaining industry techniques and tactics that keep us ahead of the pack, so you’ll have confidence in the service and potential results being offered. You’ll receive a custom-proposal, tailored to you and designed to maximize your budget and goals.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Nova Solutions wants you to be first, and every aspect of our personalized approach is designed to get you there. In an online world saturated with competition and marketing promises, you need seasoned experts to guide your business to the top with targeted planning and strategies built on experience. Understanding search engine optimization for your company takes a personal touch and continual planning. SEO has evolved drastically, and you need to stay a step ahead with cutting-edge technology and SEO tools, ensuring your business is evolving as well. Have you ever wondering What is SEO? IS it right for my website? Those are great questions!

Whether you know a lot or very little about the online market today, we’ll keep you informed during the dynamic planning that goes into harnessing all the SEO tools at our disposal. When your SEO strategy improves, your website will rank higher for more of the common search terms that your customers are looking for. You’ll have the pleasure of seeing your traffic grow while you gain credibility by coming out on top, ahead of all your competitors. We believe that in today’s market, every company should have a professional SEO strategy for online growth in the short and long-term. Your website’s daily performance on search engine results pages (serps) can and should be well-managed.

We begin with in-depth analysis of your existing strengths and ongoing needs. We’ll target a trajectory for growth with you and continually adapt to ensure you gain the upper hand over your competition. We celebrate your wins as web traffic, online rankings and leads grow daily!

Web Design

Web Design Service in Halifax

You know that your website creates the first impression that many of your customers have of you. Your name is out there each day, winning over clients, but possibly losing others because of actions not taken. Finding these missed opportunities and maximizing every marketing moment you have is our specialty. Your online marketing, including image branding, should captivate and inform your audience. We don’t want you to miss out. At Nova Solutions, we understand the power of marketing and we make online marketing effectiveness a daily, measurable mission. We focus heavily on high conversion rate websites that will have the maximum impact.

Your website is extremely important. It is, after all, your online storefront, and a first point of contact. We offer industry-leading website design that is stylish, extremely functional and individual. As a foundational platform to grow your company and present your services to the world, you need to ensure that you not only look good but that your website is extremely user-friendly and showcases the correct information to move visitors into action. Your website converts visitors into profits and doing this optimally is one of our specialties. We believe that good website design is about more than looking slick, and with over 1,000 websites launched to date, our experienced designers and web developers will give you peace of mind that yours is well-managed. We know that every visitor to your website is a potential client and our team will ensure you and your brand leave a lasting impact.

Nova Solutions creates custom, captivating websites that create enjoyable user experiences and lasting business success for our clients. We welcome you to visit our portfolio to see recent examples of website excellence.

Website Design & Web Development Halifax

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Online Marketing in Halifax

Online Marketing in Halifax

You may have noticed that there are plenty of marketing companies offering simple services that offer only one or two online options. Many business owners do not have the time to seek multiple solutions and experts for comprehensive growth in every aspect of their company. We genuinely like a personal touch. It’s not only good business, but we care about our clients and enjoy regular collaboration and the satisfaction of problem-solving together. Delivering business success is both our specialty and our pleasure.

Our clients are smart and driven, but we know their time is valuable. In partnering with Nova Solutions, you have an expert team assembled to create comprehensive marketing and SEO solutions using multiple tools and strategies that you don’t have the time to manage. Through our suite of services and varied resources, you can completely revitalize, accelerate or even reinvent your business to see dramatic growth and success through your online presence. We’ll create a robust website and digital marketing strategy carefully customised to your, unique needs and goals.

Winning website design, advanced PPC strategies, quality content and branding all work together to build measurable success you are proud of. Each of these elements is important individually, and the value of all elements combined gives you and advantage in the marketplace like no other.

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Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC is an excellent model for those who want to get quick visibility on search engines like Google. SEO can take a long time to kick in, which is why PPC helps you take a short-cut to the top. PPC is paid search. Depending on your business, you select certain keywords and bid for them just like your competitors will. When a user enters that keyword, your business will most likely show up on top of the search results page in the ads section. In PPC, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

SEO is organic search results, and because they are not paid ads, they are more valued. However, the good news is that users who click on PPC ads are generally those who have completed all their research and are now ready to make a purchase.

Web Site Consultation Services

At Nova Solutions, we know that whether you are a one-person entrepreneurial venture, a Mom & Pop business, start up, established service provider or large growing company, you likely want great marketing services at affordable prices. Among the costlier needs you may have is a beautiful, well-built website. We can help you analyze how well your current site is performing, improve the functionality or offer you something completely new to meet your growing needs. Let us show you how you can do even better, then you decide what steps to take.

The Full Suite of Marketing Services
in Halifax

SEO, engaging content, PPC and social media management all compliment a well-designed website for a full 360-degree marketing solution. Do you only need one or two of these marketing services to add to your existing web presence? No problem. We’ll help you choose the individual services that best serve you and integrate with your existing initiatives. The company, brand and reputation that you have worked hard to build is important to us too. Let us show you what value we can add to your hard work.

Web Site Consultation Services Halifax

Unfortunately, in the online marketplace, great products and services don’t always achieve the client reach they should. Don’t leave your marketing success to chance!
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What is SEO? Understanding the basics and why you need it!

Before you invest in SEO services Halifax, it’s important to understand the basics. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is described as the art and science of creating information online that ranks well on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engines are designed to show only the first 10 results in a page. This means that businesses must compete for the same searchers by making sure they appear on top of SERP. In fact, research shows that businesses which appear at the top of SERPs get more than 90% of search traffic. This translates into more leads and conversions for the business. As a result, SEO techniques can be implemented by your business to improve its conversion rates.

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