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Proven Online Marketing Tactics

We only use White Hat SEO tactics for organic growth. The results may not come in immediately, but organic growth means you will not have a problem with search engines. Grey and Black Hat SEO tactics lead to stiff penalties, including the lowering of your SERP (search engine results page) rank and even the banning of your website.

We use different online marketing tactics because we understand no single tactic will give you the desired results. So, which services can you expect from us?

Responsive web design

Where we help you come up with a website that works in both desktop and mobile environments from scratch.

Search engine optimization

Where we use different tactics like link building, the creation of XML Sitemap, and the creation of quality content to increase your ranking in SERPs.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Where we bid for keyword phrases and place them as ads in different websites and people are directed to your landing page when they click on them.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Where we use social media to drive conversation and to bring targeted traffic to your website.

Other services we offer include:

 Google Places Optimization • Video Production • Remarketing • E-Commerce Web Design


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A Great Team Just For You

We have been around since 2005, in which time we have learnt from our successes and mistakes to give you truly time-tested solutions. Our team of content marketing, UXD, visual artist, programming, web design, link building, social media, PPC and other experts has optimized over 1,200 websites to date, a truly remarkable feet.

Our team is drawn from diverse fields like visual arts, finance, international business, and even politics. Many of our team members are pioneers in different online marketing fields. This diversity leads means we can handle jobs from diverse fields, which explains why we have clients from different fields ranging from tech to hospitality and from finance to medical.

Google and other search engines change their algorithm and their webmaster rules regularly. Our team is passionate and is always on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry. We invest in the latest tools to empower our team and to give you the results you need. We are also big believers of ongoing learning.


We will not rest until we give you tangible results. We will not rest at you having a good looking site or having more traffic. We understand that you have come to us to fulfil a certain need, which is increased conversion rates for most businesses.

We use a variety of Analytics tools and metrics to monitor your different online marketing campaigns. We then tweak your campaigns accordingly. We monitor such performance indicators as bounce rates, click-through-rates, and conversion rates using these Analytics tools.

Internet Marketing Halifax

Ongoing Relationship

We encourage all our clients to have an ongoing relationship with us. It takes time to get results from SEO and other online marketing methods. This and the fact that your campaigns need regular tweaking and monitoring mean you need us for more than a few months.

As an example, to do continuous improvement of your PPC campaign, we will test different ads and remove keywords that are not working so you do not spend money that is not bringing you traffic.

Retaining our services allows you to benefit from algorithm changes, changing user behaviors, and other changes that may occur and that may affect your online marketing campaign. There is no point in your business spending a lot of money on online marketing campaigns only for it to go down the drain when the playing field changes.

You need us to walk the journey with you because your business goals may change. Other factors like the closing down or introduction of a competitor will also distort your online standing and you will need a reliable partner by your side.

Halifax Internet Marketing

Our Competitive Advantage

Our clients choose us because we are reliable. We deliver on what we promise, which is an increased conversion rate and organic growth.

We are popular above our competitors because we do not outsource any of our services, which guarantees the integrity of the sometimes sensitive data that our clients share with us.

Our large our team of experts works together to give you a website that truly delivers. We are also popular because of our customized services and our competitive rates.