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Remarketing Services

What happens when someone visits your website but leave without making a purchase? At Nova, we recommend an online marketing technique known as remarketing to target those web visitors wherever they’ll go. You’ve probably experienced this online before. After visiting a website, their banner or ads follow you on other places on the web such as on social media or even other websites you visit. This is how remarketing works.

The number of people who buy a product or service immediately after visiting a site for the first time is incredibly low. In fact, only 2% of web visitors will convert on their first visit. This means that we need to do more to get these people to eventually buy. Remarketing helps brands to retarget people who had shown some interest in their products and services. As they shop around and compare your products and services to others offered by competitors, your business will continue popping up. This gives your brand more visibility and a better opportunity for the customer to return to you and convert.


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Our social media marketing services

Another effective way of marketing your brand online is through social media. At Nova Solutions, we can incorporate social media marketing especially for those brands looking to interact with customers in a different way. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have billions of users. These are places where your target customers interact with other brands and even make purchases. If you don’t activate your social media pages, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

Social media must be done right for it to be effective. When coming up with a successful social media strategy, we consider other important areas in marketing such as content creation whereby we come up with blog posts and articles which not only improve your rankings online but also keep users engaged and informed. Social media can also help your brand to get reviews which improve its website ranking on popular search engines. More importantly, social media can be used as a tool to help, engage and reach out to new customers.

We track all online marketing campaigns

We use tools such as Google Analytics to track the efficiency of your online campaign. Whether you’re looking to improve your site rankings, convert more visitors or simply get more visibility, you need to understand that online marketing is a process that would take time and effort before you get to see the results. The best part is, we don’t leave things to chance. We’ll make changes and improvements each time to ensure the campaign is working better so that you can achieve optimum performance.


Online Marketing Halifax

Grow your brand with Internet marketing

Regardless of the size of your business, Internet marketing allows you to appeal to a larger audience than your competition. This really gives you a lot of room to grow. At Nova Solutions, we work on your website making sure you have the right exposure, relevant content and that users have the best experience browsing your web pages. We then go ahead to market your brand on different platforms such as social media, remarketing through paid ads among other campaigns that can turn your web visitors into paying customers.

For many years, we’ve proven ourselves to be a reputable and reliable Internet marketing service provider. We not only have an experienced team of online marketers in Halifax but also a talented team of designers, creative writers, and social media marketers. We’ve worked with thousands of brands, and one successful campaign after the other, it’s safe to say that we know a lot about marketing brands online.

Whether you need a proper SEO campaign or a talented team of designers and web developers to give your website a new facelift, we’re here for you. We use white hat SEO techniques to improve website traffic for different brands online and help ensure they get the most ROI. We can also improve your company’s social media exposure, make good use of your ad budget and ensure you get to see a good ROI. Whatever your needs are when it comes to Internet marketing, Nova Solutions has got you covered.

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