5 Important Questions to Go Over with Your SEO Agency


5 Important Questions to Go Over with Your SEO Agency


Looking for an ideal SEO agency is far from easy. There are so many people claiming to offer the best SEO services in Halifax online that it’s hard to narrow it down to only reliable experts. But as usual, we’ll help you to find the experts in the field. One of the things many people overlook is taking time to ask the right questions. A good company wouldn’t mind when you’re too inquisitive they’ll consider it as passion for your business. Therefore, as you set out to find the best search engine optimization provider, start with the questions below.

What activities will you perform to achieve my goals?

You can sit down with the specialists and explain to them what you intend to achieve with SEO. Ask them to share how they are planning to help you accomplish those goals. You may not understand the exact details of the process they will use to boost your search traffic and rankings but stay alert for poor habits like link buying and low-quality content.

How often do they communicate and report?

Testing and reporting is a very crucial part of SEO. Find out how often the agency will be reporting to you and what metrics they will report on. If your goal is to improve relevant traffic and get more conversions then you’d want them to report on metrics such as sales, number of site visitors and time spent on site. The site goals should match up to the SEO strategy in use. Discuss this with the agency before they begin the project.

How long will it take to get to top rankings?

This is where you get to filter out the real experts from the scammers. If someone is genuinely interested in helping you build your brand online then the last thing they’ll do is promise you instant rankings. SEO takes time and a reputable agency in Halifax will let you know this ahead of time. They need to give you reasonable timelines and know how to manage your expectations.

Any resources you will be required to provide?

Not all agencies provide a comprehensive service. This means that you may be required to still work on other important aspects such as the content creation and web development. SEO really requires a lot of resources and you need to know what the agency is able to provide for you. This will help you to better understand exactly what you’re paying for.

How can you tell when things are working?

Not everything they set out to do in their plan will work so you need to know what they’d do when things aren’t working and how long it will take for them to inform you. Have an open conversation with your agency especially if you’re feeling like things aren’t so clear. Ask them to clearly explain how Google ranks its results and the methods they plan to use to influence those results.