5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018


5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018


Surprisingly, some of the most basic SEO mistakes are repeated too many times by very popular websites. When you conduct an SEO audit, you may find out that many of those mistakes are easy to fix. Are you guilty of committing huge SEO errors that end up hurting your rankings? Read this to find out more.

Keyword mistakes

The most common mistakes in SEO involve the use of keywords. From people who stuff their content with keywords to those who don’t know how to perform proper research, there’s a lot that you need to understand when optimizing content for search traffic. For instance, keywords need to be properly placed and they need to have the right density. Don’t have 10 keywords on a page and have them centered on one section of your content. Such habits can ruin your search rankings and even risk a penalty from Google.

Poor content quality

The old saying that content is king will never go out of fashion. The content you post on your web pages needs to be relevant, unique and interesting to readers. The content you produce should always be high-quality. Provide some form of value to your web visitors if you intend to capture their attention and keep them coming back for more. Avoid thin content that doesn’t cover the subject in detail or copying and pasting content from other sources.

Slow loading pages

One thing most SEO professionals tend to ignore is putting a lot more focus on how their website works. If your pages take too long to load, it hinders a great user experience. Your web pages should load in under three seconds. Anything longer than that and people will click on the back button. Consider other factors that affect site performance such as a poor navigation system. If the traffic your pulling from search ends up bouncing immediately, you need to do something about this because it will affect your SEO rankings.

Your site isn’t mobile friendly

With more than 80% of search being done using mobile devices, you’ll be missing out on lots of leads and conversions if you don’t invest in a responsive website design. Search engines also prefer sites that are mobile friendly. Google is always looking to offer its customers the best browsing experience and making sure the web pages they serve can adjust to varying screen sizes is a way they can achieve it. Get a reputable designer to work on your web pages and eliminate any unnecessary media elements that could be interfering with the browsing experience of mobile users. These simple steps can end up boosting your search rankings.

Your site is not secure

Take the basic steps to make sure your site is secure. This means getting an SSL certificate which is an indication to most online users that the site is secure. Ensure you have a reliable hosting provider and that your site is updated as is required. If your site is not secure, it will rank much lower than competitor websites which have been properly secured.