The Best Off-Page SEO techniques of 2018


The Best Off-Page SEO techniques of 2018


Unlike on-page SEO which encompasses the activities done on your web pages to increase search rankings and traffic, off-page SEO involves using other aspects on other platforms and websites to increase your website rankings and traffic. The most common strategy in off-page SEO is link building. Link building is such a broad subject simply because there are hundreds of ways of building links to your site. However, many of them are what is now referred to as “black hat SEO” and you should avoid these activities at all costs. In this article, we’ll focus on the white hat SEO strategies which you can actually rely on to build a sustainable online business.

Off-page SEO techniques that work in 2018

Influencer marketing

You probably have bloggers, vloggers and TV personalities in Halifax that could easily champion your product. Identify the ones who have a huge following and could partner with your brand to write a review and post it on their blog or social media platforms. These reviews on other pages with people clicking back to your page to find out more will eventually boost your site rankings and traffic. Just make sure you target people who have a similar target audience as your brand.

Guest posting

Identify professionals in your industry and get them to write about your product or service and then link back to your site. You may also provide an informative blog post and have it shared on a different platform with links back to your site. Guest posting has to be done right if you intend to get any value out of it. For instance, focus on relevant sites that will actually help you to build quality site traffic.

Social media marketing

Social media is a great tool to gather quality backlinks and interest from people who are actually likely to buy your product or service. You can use social media to share your interesting blog posts and news articles. The more people click on the posts and are directed to your website, the more social signals you get which ultimately boost your site traffic and rankings.

Document sharing

Depending on your Halifax business, you can come up with some attractive documents that relate to your business or blog. One thing to always ensure is that the documents contain interesting and unique content. The documents can be submitted to document sharing sites in either pdf or ppt formats. Sites such as slide share are well known for document sharing and getting your content to rank on this platform will give you extra traffic.

Infographic submission

Infographics are a great way to communicate important information about your product or service, visually. When you spend the time to make creative infographics, you can post them on different infographics submission websites and include links to your website or blog. As usual, you’ll need to check the reputation and rank of the infographics website before posting so as to be sure you’re not risking your site’s ranking by connecting with the wrong pages.