Do Mobile-Friendly Websites Rank Better?


Mobile-Friendly Websites Halifax


If you’re still not convinced to invest in a responsive website but work tirelessly to improve your site rankings and traffic, you may find yourself going around in circles. Mobile friendliness and SEO go hand in hand. It’s hard if not impossible to find an e-commerce business that doesn’t have a responsive website. This transition is slowly reaching individual business owners and smaller companies.

Advantages of a single site

Gone are the days when you had to have two websites, one that is built for desktop users and another for mobile devices. Today, responsive web design has replaced all this enabling you to save time and other resources by managing only a single website. It’s also easy to create a suitable marketing strategy and incorporate elements on the website that will help you achieve various business goals. Mobile website design helps you to enhance speed and make users stay on your site for longer. Both are ranking factors which will help you to build a more sustainable business online.

Search engines prefer mobile-friendly sites

When a site is mobile-friendly it means it gives users a better browsing experience regardless of the device they’re using. How long users stay on the site will depend on many things but UX is among the top factors. With mobile-friendly websites, visitors will want to stick to your web pages and engage with your content simply because of proper presentation, ease of navigation and much more. Search engines consider this as a very important ranking factor. It’s perhaps why responsive websites are far more likely to rank better than sites designed only for desktop users. Additionally, search engines do not like pages that don’t display correctly or show any kind of poor performance.

Mobile-friendly sites are also user-friendly

Lately, search engines have put a lot of emphasis on improving user experience. One of the ways to achieve this is by making sure your web pages adjust to different screen sizes. It’s important for someone who’s viewing your website using their phone to go through the same journey as tablet and desktop users. Gone are the days when you excluded elements on the mobile version in order to give other users a different browsing experience. Responsive web design allows you to work on a single website that fulfills the needs of all your users. This is something search engines love and show it by ranking the sites highly.

Get a professional to handle responsive web design

If you’ve finally made the decision to invest in a mobile-friendly website, make sure it’s done right. Get a professional website designer to create web pages that help you fulfill your brand goals. Mobile design should complement your marketing strategy. If it doesn’t then you’ll be failing. Remember, it’s always crucial to provide users with the best mobile experience and search engines love this too. Get a mobile website for a more beautiful, fully functional and search engine friendly design.