Ranking up and staying there


Ranking up and staying there


Google algorithm is constantly changing, meaning maintaining stellar SERP (search engine results page) ranking can feel like quite a challenge. However, we not only excel at helping you rank high at Nova Solutions but also on helping you stay there. Here’s how.

Ranking up

We use different SEO tactics, all White Hat, of course, to improve your ranking. We always like our customers to know that organic ranking may take some time.

· Link creation remains one of the most effective SEO tactics. We build links with credible websites only.

· Search engine bots love quality, relevant content. The content we create focuses on the reader more than search engines. We use keywords sparsely and naturally.

· We do sitemap creation and submission. Sitemaps are text files that lay out web pages. This helps for easy crawling by Google bots and guide bots on the most important pages.

· We will create an RSS feed to bring in consistent traffic, which will have an impact on ranking. RSS feeds bring in new visitors while helping you retain old ones.

· We have a team dedicated to social media optimization. Social signals have not been proven to be a ranking factor, but social media optimization help in the sharing of your content, which leads to more hits and greater activity on your site.

· Title tags are still an important ranking factor. We ensure title tags are descriptive, unique, and keyword optimized. We use such title tag optimization methods as use of pipes and dashes between terms and changing default title tags like “Home” and “Product Page”.

· We do responsive web design because this is not only an important ranking factor, but it also improves user experience and ensures you do not have to run two different websites for mobile and desktop users.

How to stay up

We constantly monitor your ranking and make the necessary changes to ensure you stay up. Below are a few of the other tips we use.

· Fortunately, making your pages load faster shouldn’t require you to hire a tech expert in your niche. Below are three easy to implement steps that will improve the speed of your website:

· We will regularly update your website because Google values fresh content. We use images and videos alongside text.

· We always work to speed up your website. Loading speed is an important ranking factor, but it also improves customer retention since visitors simply drop off whenever they experience slow speeds. We achieve this by helping you switch to a faster hosting service if your current hosting service is slow, by compressing images on your site, and by using CDN (content delivery network) to increase download speeds, among other tactics.

· When we update a website, we craft user-friendly 404 pages to reduce bounce rate. We also work on your 301 redirection plan.

· We do constant research to see what is trending. We are also always on the lookout for Google algorithm changes so that we can make changes to your site before you are adversely affected.

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