SEO is important in smaller cities like Halifax


SEO is important in smaller cities like Halifax


Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), the capital of Nova Scotia, has a modest population of just over 400,000 residents. The municipality has a very diverse economy revolving around the Halifax Shipyard, the Port of Halifax, Dalhousie University, Department of National Defence, natural gas extraction, fishing, agriculture, mining, and several other economic activities.

Given the vibrant economic scene, it follows that there is intense competition in almost all business ventures. The best way to ensure your business succeeds is to take it online. Once online, you need to optimize it so you rank high. With a small city like Halifax, local SEO (search engine optimization) beats traditional SEO. So, how is local SEO important in a small city like Halifax?

1. Local SEO gives you a superb web presence in your local niche market. People in Halifax are more likely to buy from you and you should always focus on them. With traditional SEO, a Halifax restaurant markets to people as far away as South Africa, meaning you will be wasting your marketing dollars and your effort. According to recent studies published on and, 46% of all Google searches are local and 64% of local customers use directories and search engines as their main way to find local business.

2. Just like traditional SEO, local SEO also leads to higher search engine rankings. A high ranking means greater visibility since most people do not go past the first SERP (search engine results page).

3. Local SEO efforts lead to people being able to find your store through maps and other means. This is important because potential customers would otherwise give up if they cannot determine where you are located. A study published on shows that 50% of local mobile searchers look for such business info as a company’s phone number and address.

4. With local SEO, you get more relevant link building since you will be linking to local organizations. Link building is not only one of the most important ranking factors, but it also helps in driving traffic to your site. Local SEO is also important for social sharing purposes. Links from local business associations, newspapers, and bloggers greatly improve your search visibility.

5. More and more people are using mobile and wearable devices like smartwatches. This makes a strong case for local and proximity-based searches.

6. Local SEO platforms like Google My Business are free of charge, meaning you will be saving on your marketing dollars.

What is Local SEO Anyway?

Local SEO is an Internet marketing method that allows you to target local customers the exact time they are looking for your services. It allows your business to rank high in Google and other search engines, but also business directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages, Yellowbook, and Bing Places.

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