SEO, the proof is in the putting


SEO, the proof is in the putting


With mushrooming of websites in the past few years, competition for, and retention of visitors has become increasingly difficult. Different website owners use different tactics to bring traffic their way, among them PPC (pay-per-click), SMM (social media marketing), and SEO (search engine optimization).

Many sites have used SEO for many years and still do. However, regular algorithm changes, that come unannounced and whose target is often unknown, have led to unpredictability in this Internet marketing method, leaving many website owners asking themselves if SEO has a future.

Does SEO Still Work?

1. At Nova Solutions, we still advise our clients to do SEO alongside other Internet marketing methods. This is because there is proof that SEO is still the most important Internet marketing method. Below is the proof.

2. Hauser-Ross, an eye care center in Sycamore, just outside of Chicago, was looking to increase inbound queries for “optical,” “cosmetic,” “cataract,” and “Lasik.” However, it was targeting Chicago, given that Chicago was the larger, better-known city. After change of its keyword policy where it dropped Chicago in favour of Sycamore and the town’s name plus the state (Sycamore Illinois or Sycamore IL), which is called geotargeting, there was a marked increase in hits and conversion rates.

3. To demonstrate the importance of local SEO, let us look at the Sterling Rose LLC case study. Local SEO involves the removal of fake reviews from Google My Business because websites are penalized for such reviews. Sterling Rose LLC, which is a New Jersey IT firm, recently got rid of all fake reviews and noted an immediate rise in its ranking.

4. HGB Construction found that it is not enough that you have the best-designed website. The Alberta-based Handyman services purveyor found competitors were doing better, even with inferior sites. Analysis showed that HGB Construction was not showing up on Google Maps, which meant there was nothing connecting its online presence with its offline presence. After local SEO, a sustained content creation strategy, and keyword optimization, there was a dramatic increase in hits.

5. SEO leads to organic rise in SERP (search engine results page) ranking. This is important because studies show that most visitors do not go past the first SERP. Studies show people trust sites that rank organically more than those that have paid for ads.

6. Tactics like the creation of in-depth, practical, and helpful content, sitemap creation, loading speed optimization, and responsive web design are not only good as ranking factors, but they lead to improved user experience. People are very impatient online and they will simply move on if they cannot find what they are looking for in good time.

7. Link building remains one of the most effective SEO tactics. Building links with credible websites leads to targeted web traffic and increases trust in your website and your brand.

At Nova Solutions, we are the SEO provider in Halifax. We only use White Hat SEO tactics. We will be involved in the entire SEO process, from coming up with a customized SEO strategy to monitoring the deployed SEO campaign.

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