SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) are the most popular Internet marketing methods. SEO involves optimizing a website through such methods as link building and content development to rank high in SERPs (search engine results pages) while PPC involves bidding for relevant keywords that are then placed on websites and you pay whenever someone clicks on them.

The most obvious difference between the two is that SEO gives you organic results while you have to pay for traffic coming from your PPC campaign. The most obvious similarity is that the two methods are meant to drive traffic to your website. Many website owners struggle when deciding which option between SEO and PPC to go for. We hope this comparison of the pros and cons of each marketing method will help you make an informed decision.

A Case for SEO

· SEO tactics like loading speed optimization, the use of XML sitemap, the creation of compelling, relevant content, link building, and responsive web design leads to a superior and more comfortable website for your users. This means you will not only be increasing your ranking, but also user experience.

· High organic ranking means not only improved brand awareness, but also improved trust. People are more likely to trust a website that has gotten its high ranking organically compared to one that is paying for listing.

· If you are low on marketing dollars, SEO is the way to go. Most SEO tactics like the creation of quality content, link building, and sitemap creation are free of charge.

A Case for PPC

· PPC is the best option if you need prompt outcome. It takes months to rank high with organic SEO while PPC gives you immediate results for the keyword/s you have placed your bid on.

· If you have a new website that is not likely to rank high with SEO anyway, PPC is the way to go because success is not based on search engine optimization.

· With PPC, you will not be affected by regular search engine algorithm changes that give SEO professionals sleepless nights. With SEO, you constantly have to tweak your campaign to cater for these algorithm changes that are often unannounced and unclear on their target.

· PPC gives you targeted traffic because only those who are interested in exactly what you are offering will click on your ad. You get to choose where your PPC ads will be placed based on your target location, demographic, and other factors. With SEO, you will be marketing to the whole world, meaning wasted time and energy.


At Nova Solutions, we offer both SEO and PPC services. We advise our clients to use a mixture of the two. PPC to get initial traffic and SEO for the long-term.

Our team has the experience, training, and tools necessary to get the most relevant keywords for your PPC campaign and to sustain an SEO campaign.

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