Social Media affect SEO?


Social Media affect SEO?


Google and other search engines do not allow signals from social media sites to directly affect your ranking. However, there are several ways your SEO efforts stand to benefit from a good SMM (social media marketing) strategy.

1. Increased traffic and activity

Create quality content on your social media profiles and include a link to your website. Quality content will garner likes, comments, and shares. People who like what they see will click on the link to your website for more. Once an avalanche of people reaches your site, their activity on your site such as writing reviews will have an impact on SEO. Note although Google has not admitted to this, links to your content, even from social media sites, may be good for SEO.

The traffic you get from social media sites is targeted since only those who are interested in what you have to offer will click on the link to your site. Engagement with followers is also important in keeping your brand visible, which helps in driving social traffic back to your website for increased organic search ranking.

If nothing else, Google has stated it does not ignore your social media activity. Matt Cutts of Google recently said, “Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results.”

2. Capturing external links

According to Moz, external links, and the authority of the websites that are doing the linking remain the most important ranking factors for Google. Use your social media platforms to share and promote your brand and your content and to increase the likelihood of credible websites referring and linking back to you.

3. Google+ activity affects rankings

Google is a bit biased when it comes to Google+, which is understandable. Google+ posts rank almost instantly in Google for phrases included in the post, for anyone who has you in their circle.

4. Your social media profile rank in search engines for branded keywords

If you type in the name of any business that has a social media presence, its social media profiles will pop up alongside its official site. Optimizing your website as well as your social media profiles allows your business to take up valuable real estate atop SERPs.

Tips for success in SMM

· Make sure your content is easy to share by including buttons on your site. You could have buttons for specific types of content such as pictures, videos, and e-books.
· Tag people you have quoted or mentioned in a post when sharing. This not only ensures you give them proper credit, but they could also share the content with their own audience.
· Track mentions of branded keywords and contact authors to thank them and to ask for a link (such as in the case of a newspaper).

At Nova Solutions, we offer SMM services alongside our SEO services because we feel combining both strategies leaves you in a stronger position. Call our team today at +1 (902) 700 – 6822 for more information.