What’s SEO and Why Does Your Business Need It?


What’s SEO and Why Does Your Business Need It?


After speaking to multiple Halifax business owners about the value of SEO, we can say for sure that it’s never easy to convince online brands about the value of investing in good search rankings. Granted, there are many misconceptions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) not just in Halifax but all over the region. Many business owners assume that once they get to that top ranking, they’ll make massive sales and never have to work on maintaining that top position again. All this is far from the truth.

What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization involves using “white hat” strategies to boost a site’s rankings and traffic on popular search engines like Google. Let’s try a typical example. If your Halifax business sells clothes online and through their physical stores, one of the ways to make the brand more visible would be to increase your traffic online. This means when people search for let’s say, “women’s shoes in Halifax”, you want your business to show up on top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Research shows that businesses that appear on the first page of SERP get much more traffic and sales than the others. It’s no wonder why everyone is fighting to be ranked top for relevant searches. With SEO, you get a better chance to increase your rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Why do you need SEO?

As a business, there are several campaigns you set up weekly, monthly or even quarterly with an intention to achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to acquire more customers, create brand awareness or improve conversions, SEO can help you achieve these and much more. Through Search Engine Optimization, your website is able to reach your target audience. You don’t just attract any kind of traffic, you get people who are interested in your product and are more likely to buy, visit the pages and actually engaging with your brand.

Therefore, SEO is very critical for any kind of Halifax business that wants to grow a targeted audience. This is because SEO techniques are designed to target specific people. For instance, when you use content marketing as a way to boost quality traffic, you end up creating a loyal following that will eventually convert. This is how SEO works. It helps you to build the kind of traffic you need to have a sustainable business.

How to get started

First and foremost, you need to understand that SEO is never a one-time task nor is it magic. In fact, nothing can be done overnight to make your website rank instantly. Good SEO takes time and gives you long-term results. Additionally, it needs to be done by the experts, people who know how to differentiate between black hat and white hat techniques. Remember, poor techniques can damage your brand in the long run so you need to steer clear of any black hat tactics. Approach a trusted Halifax SEO agency to help you plan a strategy that works for your brand and the goals you intend to achieve.