8 Practical Steps to Improve Your Website Design


Web Design Halifax


Whether you’re having trouble designing a webpage or you already have a website and would like to improve on it, this article is dedicated to you. We know too well that coming up with the perfect website design is far from easy. Halifax businesses are outdoing themselves when it comes to creative website design. If you don’t come up with a site that stands out from the rest of the pack, your brand will have a hard time capturing the online audience especially targeting Halifax clients. So below are a few steps you can take to build better web pages.

Start with planning

There are so many factors that go into building a great website and it’s impossible to get it all done in a day. First things first, create a plan for how you’ll handle the website design or redesign project. Set realistic timelines so that you have ample time to work on different areas of the site.

Understand what doesn’t work

If you already have a site, you can perform an analysis to understand which web pages are performing poorly and why. You may notice that certain elements on your website are working against you. For instance, the heavy video slider could be bogging down your home page and probably needs to go. You can tell if the page has a high bounce rate or the time spent on page is really low.

Start with the basics

Next, start with the simple changes that you can make to improve your website design. A good example would be to increase the font size to 14px if you notice it’s too small and that users are finding it hard to read the body copy.

Review the call to actions

The call to action buttons are really important because they help you to convert users on the site. They need to be properly placed and well designed. Think of the colors you choose and the emotions they evoke when designing CTA buttons.

Do you have the right images?

The images on your website can greatly contribute to its look and feel. Images can also help you to build trust and humanize your brand. Other than having a stock photo on your about us section, take a picture of the team and post it on the website.

Do you need better navigation?

Sometimes a different navigation system can really improve user experience. You can tell that people have a difficult time navigating your site if the pages have a high bounce rate and the average time spent on site is low.

Make good use of white space

White space is very important in web design because it prevents distractions and gives you an opportunity to communicate to users your USPs.

Test to know what works best

Most importantly, try out different features and elements on your web pages by conducting A/B tests. With time, you’ll understand your users better and know what works for them. A site that is attractive, creatively designed and fully functional will give web visitors the best browsing experience.