Single page vs multipage site


Single page vs multipage site


Deciding between multipage and single page websites is important, but is not always easy. Website owners often under/overestimate the needs of their business, leading to the sacrifice of must-have content, sections, and submenus in case of underestimation and having to fill pages with fluff in case of overestimation.

At Nova Solutions, our web design is greatly guided by user experience. Some of the important factors we consider are type of content vis-à-vis the goals of your website, accessibility of the content, and responsiveness (mobile friendliness). What works for website A may not work for website B and it is, therefore, important you consider your specific requirements alongside the pros and cons of each option.

A case for single page sites

· Single page sites have a clean and simple design. Given that most Canadians are nowadays using mobile devices to access the Internet, clean, simple design is desirable since the page will convert more easily to mobile and will be simpler to navigate. At Nova Solutions, we do responsive web design and we find single pages adapt better for mobile.

· Clean and simple designs also mean faster loading speeds. This is not only an important ranking factor for Google and other search engines, but it also leads to improved user experience. Internet users are very sensitive to loading speed and they simply move on if the page they are trying to load does not open quickly enough.

· Single page websites are simpler to develop and to maintain.

· You get increased user engagement and higher conversion rates with a single page website because the website will be more focused.

· Since you do not have to worry about steering visitors in a specific direction and to click on different pages, you have more control over their behaviour on your website. You also have greater control over the type of audience you target and on the type of user experience you give them.

· Single page websites give you a link to page ratio of 1:1 since every link acquired will point to a single URL. This leads to higher page authority. Link building remains one of the most important ranking factors.

A case for multipage sites

· Multipage sites tend to be better for SEO. This is because they leave more room to play around with keywords and they allow you to have more content. A high ranking is important because most Internet users do not go past the first SERP.

· You will not be limited by length, meaning you do not have to cut important content. In a single page site, having too much content defeats the purpose.

· You will have wider focus with a multipage site, while you can only afford to focus on a single topic, service, or product with a single page website at the risk of confusing customers.


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