Why use a CMS to build your site


Why use a CMS to build your site


Did you know 30% of all the websites that are online today are powered by WordPress? WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems), the other popular CMS being Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. WordPress controls about 60% of the CMS market. There are several reasons why you should also consider building a CMS website.

1. CMS has been tried and tested

Millions of websites today run on CMS, meaning CMS has been tried and tested. Examples of popular WordPress sites are Time, BBC America, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and TechCrunch. Holiday Inn Express, OpenVPN, High Charts, and U.K National Crime Agency are powered by Joomla. Linux, GE Transportation, and Harvard University run on Drupal while Land Rover, G2A, Bulgari, and YMEUniverse run on Magento.

2. Quick and easy update

CMS allows for the quick and easy addition and removal of web pages. You get to manage your entire website from your administration control panel, where you can add pages, articles, images, posts, polls, and many other features via an intuitive interface.

3. No need for web design experience

To many website owners, the greatest advantage of CMS is that you don’t need web design/development experience to manage the website. You can do everything from the control panel, including adding features and altering the look and feel of the website. Although you can build your site from scratch without any web design/development experience, we advise you hire a pro for this so you can unlock the full potential of the CMS platform you are using.

4. Extensions

CSM like WordPress and Joomla have an excellent resource of extensions that allow you to give your site more functionality. Examples of extensions at your disposal are E-commerce, Galleries, Forums, and Social Media, among many others.

5. Searchable

The entire CMS website is searchable, allowing people to find content quickly. This saves users valuable time. You will be rewarded for the good user experience with higher conversion rates.

6. Scheduled content

Most CMS platforms allow you to post-date articles and publish them on your schedule. This offers unparalleled convenience in a world where the creation of fresh content is an important ranking factor.

7. Real-time status view

CMS gives you a glance view of the status of all your content. You will know when content is live, a draft, or is being reviewed. This allows you to assign tasks and to have an overall picture of what is happening.

8. Protected content

With CMS, you can have protected content that is only viewable with those you have allowed. You can use this feature to offer premium content to only those who register.

9. Open source

Being open source, the majority of CMS offer free templates. Being open source also means there is an active community that fixes bugs, tests features, checks for security holes, and does other activities to make your CMS experience even better. There are many themes you can choose from for a truly unique website.

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