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Internet Marketing in Hamilton?

In a large growing market like Hamilton, internet marketing can be an effective and efficient way of reaching potential new customers. The evolution of smart phones and computers has changed consumer’s access to information and they leverage this knowledge regularly when making purchase decisions. Internet marketing taps into this increased need for more information by providing numerous ways for companies to appear highly ranked for the search terms that potential customers are using to garner information about the products/services they are searching for.

Getting the most out of every dollar you spend to promote your business is critical and that is why working a leading Web Design and Internet Marketing company like Nova Solutions can turn your results from good to great! Over the past ten years we helped hundreds of clients achieve impressive results and standout versus their competitors though our custom approach.

How Do I Know What Internet Marketing Services I Need?

This approach will vary depending on whether you have an existing website or are about to build a new one but the principles are the same.

For Existing Websites – An Audit To Check Performance

If you have an existing website the first step is to have a website audit completed to ensure it has been optimized to convert visitors’ traffic into a brand interaction. We will check the design, for flow, the content for relevancy, the keyword integration for opportunities, your load times, the code, visuals and so much more. This is a very important first step to make sure your website is running at an optimal level to ensure the best return on your internet marketing efforts. If On-page SEO work has been done previously on your website, we will evaluate the quality of work to make sure there have been no mistakes or missed opportunities. We will also look at any links your website may have to determine if you have any bad links. This audit of your website is necessary to determine a starting point for the creation of a strategically sound custom online approach for your business in Hamilton.

Online Lead Generation Hamilton

Internet Marketing & Lead Generation Hamilton

For New or Existing Websites – Opportunity Mining

Regardless of whether you have an existing website or not it is important to understand who the key competitors are in your industry and how they are promoting themselves online. At Nova Solutions we have the ability to understand what these competitors are doing and develop a report that analyzes their businesses and identifies opportunities for our clients. If you have a website, we will then create a gap analysis of the competitive websites versus yours. We will also conduct other forms of research to develop a complete picture of your industry online which will give us perspective on the different approaches being used.

This type analysis we call “Opportunity Mining” and it is at the core of our strategy development process which is designed to identify industry specific opportunities for optimum results.

What is Online Lead Generation?

When potential customers are searching online for products and or services in your industry ideally you want your company to show up highly ranked online so that they click on your website link. Each industry is different and working with an experienced Web Design and Internet Marketing Company like Nova Solutions that has experience in Hamilton and beyond will help you get results to achieve your business objectives.

Lead generation by definition is the process of making contacts online that may lead to a sale and or a favourable outcome. Leads typically come through a combination of approaches and tools to gather information from visitors in order to generate leads and or visitor engagement (i.e. sign up forms, free webinars, live chat to get immediate answers to questions  quizzes, newsletters, offers, promotions and or coupons, etc.).  Choosing the right mix of approaches will vary by client and by industry but ultimately the goal is the same, a positive visitor engagement with your brand.



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Customize Your Internet Marketing Strategy

All businesses and industries are not the same and therefore the online tactics used as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy in Hamilton should be unique. They should be based on current online performance levels and the competitive nature of your businesses industry. This will help dictate some of the tactics that should be considered when creating a custom online strategy for your business. Some questions you should be asking yourself about your business are as follows:

Is my website fully optimized to convert visiting traffic into online leads via email, phone or text?

Making sure your website is ready for internet marketing will garner you a better return on your investment (ROI) with your online marketing dollars.

Does my website appear highly ranked organically for my industry keywords when potential consumers are searching for your products/services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way acquire organic positions for keyword searches. Nova Solutions are experts at improving organic Serp (search engine ranking positions) through many different types of SEO (i.e. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO). The end goal is to embrace what search engines value most and keep up to speed with any changes that they plan with their search algorithm to remain highly visible in online searches on a consistent basis.

What else can I do to become highly visible online?

The fastest way of guaranteeing high search engine ranking positions for your industry keywords is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising. This approach drives qualified traffic to your website for people who are specifically looking for the products/services you offer. You are paying to have your advertisements appear in dedicated highly ranked search engine positions for your keywords. The skilled Google Certified Adwords Pay-Per-Click professionals on the Nova team will craft, track and optimize your paid search campaign in Hamilton to ensure the best results possible.

Those websites that have traffic but want to convert more of this into tangible leads may want to consider a Remarketing campaign. The reality is that most websites only convert a small fraction of the traffic that visits their website (roughly 2%) meaning there is tremendous potential if you can bring these lost visitors back. Simply put Remarketing is the process of showing ads to visitors who have previously viewed your website but left without making a purchase or contacting your company. It enables your organization to remain engaged with these potential customers by showcasing advertisements, promo’s and offers that are relevant to what they are interested in acquiring. This allows your company to remain top-of-mind to potential customers who are already familiar with your brand so that when they are ready to make a purchase they will think of your products/services. As well, remarketing is a powerful branding tool and can be a great way to improve not only your conversions but as well your brand visibility, sales and profits.

Internet Marketing Performance

Monitor Performance To Optimize Your Results

If you do not monitor the performance of your website and the impact your campaigns are having on your traffic and conversions, how do you know if you are succeeding? Although this would seem like common sense, at Nova we continue to meet companies who do not track the metrics on their websites. We would recommend that every company from the smallest to the largest have tracking software which helps them understand how visitors are engaging with their website. Although there are many different products that can be used, Google offers a free tracking product called “Google Analytics” that can be integrated into your website to track information like; number of visitors, what pages they visit, the length of time they are on your site,  the bounce rate, did they contact you (i.e. a conversion), etc… .

This information is very valuable as it offers clues that can help you understand if you are achieving the desired results you set out for the website or if there are opportunities to improve performance. Working with a professional internet marketing company will enable you to be able to use analytics as well as other tracking programs to give you a clear picture on what is happening with your website on an ongoing basis.

Find Out What You Have Been Missing

If you are interested in understanding what opportunities might exist to increase and convert qualified traffic to your website, don’t hesitate to contact any Nova Solutions team member who will be glad to help. Don’t wait to find out what you have been missing, contact us today!