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Key Elements Of A Great Websites


The expression “It is never to late to make a great first impression” has never rang more true today than ever before. In a highly competive marketplace like Hamilton aggressive competitors are constantly looking for ways to standout and engage with the perspectuve clients before their competitors do. Whether designing a website in Hamilton and or anywhere in the world there are some key elements that must be included when creating a great website, which are as follows:

A User Friedly Design Is Key

Various studies show that poor navigation is one of the main reasons why a website may be losing its customers. If your sites navigation is poorly designed and not visitor friendly, vistors will get frustrated that they can not find the information they want and will no doubt abandon the website. A high bounce rate (i.e. meaning visitors arrive at your website then quickly leave) will have a very negative effect on your ability to achieve strong search rankings. Making sure your website designers have crafted a navigation that is user friendly and intuative is critically important.

Design Your Site With Multiple Calls-To-Action

In the battle to fight for every customer it is critically important that when you have a potential customer visit your website that you make it easy for them to engage you when they are ready. Call-to-action buttons can play a very important role in converting website visitors into customers. They offer a visual cue that makes it easy for a vistor to engage you when they are ready with just one click. Stratgecially placing call-to-action buttons and or forms on every web page will help increase the likelyhood of soliciting a customer responce. Creating compelling calls-to-action is critical and attention should be placed on their design parameters like colour, size, text, shape so that they standout and are consitent thoughout your website design.

Optimized For Serach Engine Spiders

Having a website rank high on search engine results pages (SERP’s) will bring more qualified organic traffic to your website that will have a high chance of converting a visitor into a sale. Intergating effective On-Page SEO with well thought out compelling content into each website design will ultimately enable businesses in Hamilton and beyond to rank higher than their competitors. By doing so this will increase the likelyhood of potential customers clicking on the highly ranked link to your website.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

All of our websites include a responsive design that automatically adjusts the website to the size of the device that is being used. This is very important not only from a  customer convenience standpoint but major search engines like Google insist that websites be mobile friendly or their online rankings could be negatively impacted. You can test your website to see if it is mobile friendly by clicking the attached link and in putting your domain into the mobility test bar https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/  . If your website fails the test test please don’t hesitate to contact any Nova Solutions team member who will gladly help you with this issue.

Incorporate Both Sides of Social Media

Making sure that your web design includes social media has become an important factor in ranking as it can povide additional opportunities for potential clients to engage with your brand. The Google algorithm wants to see organizations incorporating both sides of social media into websites. This can be done by encouraging vistors to either join and or follow your company on your social platforms or by providing opportunities for them to share segments of your content on their social networks. Both ways create an additional connection to your brand and thus increase potential opportunities to engage with your business in the future.

Web Design Hamilton

Designed To Minimize Load Times

Whether your business is in Hamilton or anywhere in the world search engines today are placing great importance on website load times. Websites that are slow to load are considered less friendly than websites that load quickly and search engines understand this and will rank slower loading websites lower. At Nova when we design your website we keep load times in mind and try to reduce the complexity of our sites making it easy for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. As well, we encorporate a load speed tool in each to help optimize performance and reduce load times.

Embed Google Maps Into Your Design

Making sure that you have incorporated Google maps into your web design properly can significantly impact your online visibilty for key words in your marketplace. When potential customers are searching for businesses online it is very important to make sure that your local business in Hamilton appears in a Google Places local busniness listing on the map.  When optimized properly your local business can be found through Google’s search engine providing additional exposure for your business as well as providing information like; hours of operation, address, reviews, website information, etc… . This increased visibility and additional information can encourage viewers to further engage with your brand either via a website visit or in person locally.

Content Management System For Additional Flexibility

All of our websites come with a content management system (CMS) that allows owners the ability to manage all aspects and features of their website managed from the backend. This flexibility allows clients (if they so choose) to make changes to their sites quickly and without any additional costs.

Google Analytics To Measure Website Performance

Installing Google Analytics on every website is a must as not only is the tool itself free but it garners valuable information about how visitors engage with your website. You can track information like; number of vistors, how they reached you, which pages they visited, how long they viewed your site, demographics, etc… which is important information when assessing both website and campaign performance. This information allows you to make adustments to your website to improve its performance and to track the impact of your marketing campiagns. By having this knowledge you will be able to make decisions that will ultimately bring your site more quality prospects which intern will improve your return on investment .


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