How Can I Use Facebook Remarketing Effectively?

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Facebook Remarketing

Every business needs to use social media marketing in order to stay ahead. Facebook remarketing in particular is a great practice, and more businesses should get engaged with it. Whenever potential customers and visitors show some interest in your service or product through the Facebook Ad Platform, you can retarget them through remarketing, whether they bought anything or not.

Think of the millions of people who visit Facebook every single day. You can target and retarget many of those people in a variety of ways by having ads displayed on the right hand side of the page as well as in their news feeds on both PCs and mobile devices.

Here are some tactics on using Facebook remarketing effectively

– Determine which feature(s) you want to use to reach out to custom audiences. With Data File Custom Audience, for instance, a file is uploaded containing information that is matched with people on Facebook, which allow you to create a target audience. You might also want to consider the Lookalike Audiences feature to further target potential customers who are similar to the audiences with whom you are already connected.

– Establish a custom targeted audience from your Mobile App (if you have one). Integrating Facebook’s SDK for Android and iOS enables you to measure events in your app, such as someone performing a specific pre-defined action. When they do so, that user is added to your Custom Audience for remarketing.

– If you have a mailing list, make use of the MailChimp Custom Audience feature. It takes the email addresses in your list and matches them with users on Facebook. Your contacts are not notified that you have added them to your custom audience. Since they signed up for your mailing list, they have shown an interest in your brand, and you will be able to show them retargeting ads.

– Use remarketing power tools that are compatible with Facebook. Adepresso, for example, allows you to test out all aspects of your advertising campaign to discover your most profitable ads and most responsive audience. With Datify, you can share your content on Facebook and engage with customers.  This helps to increase brand awareness.

– Don’t be afraid to increase your bidding. With remarketing, your target audience is already defined. Only the people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services will be the ones seeing the retargeting ads, so it’s okay to spend a bit more on the advertising campaign. These consumers are more likely to convert than consumers who have never visited your site before.

– Show consistency with your landing page and offer(s). If you are displaying a promotional ad for a specific product to a prospective consumer who has demonstrated an interest in that particular product in the past, make sure that the ad leads to the landing page for that promotional offer.

– Know exactly who you are remarketing to. You won’t want to bombard every last Facebook member who has visited your website or read your email with the same exact ads. Once again, there are helpful tools that will help you determine why every single visitor to your site left without making a purchase. Facebook remarketing becomes a lot easier after segmentation, and you can create highly targeted ads for each group.

Always test your ads when using Facebook remarketing. Even if you are using the right ads to retarget a specific group, the remarketing might not be effective if the ads are not written or designed correctly.

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