Importance of High Quality Images on the Web

An Important Part of A Website Design

We Don’t Have A Lot of High Quality Images So What Do You Suggest?

High quality images can be an important part of a website design but most companies don’t keep large inventories of such images. If this is the case with your business, don’t worry. Website design companies are prepared for this and can offer several solutions to help you out and ensure that your site looks the best that it can.

Determine Your Needs

Not every website is going to require the same quantity of good quality photos and graphics. Some websites will need a lot, but others will require very few. Spend some time thinking about the type and amount of images that you will need to properly promote your brand and your company.

During the consultation process with your website designer, remember to discuss what kind of images you are envisioning on your site. When you get to the design stage, you designer will also make some recommendations.

Stock Photos

There are many amazing and fairly inexpensive stock photos available for purchase today. Depending on your specific requirements for your company, purchasing stock photos may be a great option for you. With stock photos, you can buy a license to use them or purchase them outright so that they belong to you.

If you intend on making these images part of your brand, it is a good idea to purchase them outright.

A great advantage of using stock photos is that they are generally quite a bit cheaper – especially if you would otherwise have to hire a photographer and models and set up a photo session. For example, say you are a financial advisor and you want a photograph of an older couple enjoying their retirement on some tropical beach. The good news is you can save the airfare because there are lots of stock photos on the market with that type of image!

Hire a Photographer

There are some circumstances in which a generic photo will simply not do. For example, you might want photos of your staff or your warehouse or your products. If you are talented with a camera, you could take these photos yourself, but to ensure the best quality possible it’s a smart move to hire a professional photographer.

The advantage of hiring a photographer is that you are going to get photos that exactly represent your unique business. For example, do you have a shop set up in Toronto’s beautiful distillery district? Then you need a specific photo that will show off your building on your website.

Hire a Graphics Designer

Remember that not every website image is a photograph. There are some very sophisticated websites that use only graphics as images. Whatever you do, do not use clipart! If you want to build a strong brand and graphics are part of that brand, then you need to hire a graphics designer.

Just because you don’t have many high quality images doesn’t mean that you can’t get started right away on building a great website. There are many sources and ways to obtain the images that you will need to make your site great. And your web design company can offer as much or as little assistance in this area as you would like.

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