Important Questions To Ask Any Potential Web Design & Development Partner

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You need to select a firm with whom you can establish a long term relationship. Your website and/or blog will need to be updated on a regular basis. Not only does the content need to be updated, the design and programming will need to be as well – especially if you want to keep up with Google’s always-changing algorithms. When interviewing a potential design/development firm, here are some of the questions you should ask.

#1: What kind of experience do you have with websites in my industry?

This is an especially important question if you are involved in a complex industry, and your competitors already have high-quality websites. You will need a web design partner who knows what your website needs in order to attract attention in the industry you are involved in. Since they already have relevant knowledge and experience, they will be able to come up with a design in a timely manner.

#2: Do you practice responsive design?

Websites are no longer designed just for computer screens. Today, they are designed for all types of displays in every type of browser on every type of device. For the most part, responsive web design follows guidelines set by Google. It’s important to understand how a firm approaches website responsiveness before hiring.

#3: Will you be able to optimize my site for search engines?

In addition to site responsiveness, you must also ask a firm what kind of SEO practices they implement. Optimization is more than just preparing content for the search engines – there are also technical aspects to it.

#4: Will you create a custom theme for my site?

A pre-made template might be okay if you are working on a personal site. However, for business websites, a unique theme built exclusively for that company is ideal. The design elements should all be tailor-made to suit your company’s needs.

#5: What will my company will be required to do for the duration of the project?

Once again, if this is to be a long term partnership, both sides must put something in. The success of the website depends on how much effort you put in as well. You can’t just sit back and expect a web development firm to pull out the perfect website out of thin air. Find out what they will need you to do in order to create the best site possible.

#6: What is your pricing like and what is included?

The pricing system for web designers varies from one firm to the next. It’s important that you know in advance what the pricing includes and what it does not include. If there might be additional costs, you should be informed of them. There should not be any surprises in the billing.

#7: How much of the project will be in-house and how much of it will be outsourced?

Most web design firms these days outsource at least some of the work. If any of your project is to be outsourced, can the firm offer a guarantee that the third party is responsible and capable of maintaining a high level of professionalism?

#8: What kind of testing do you perform before launching a new site?

Any problems or errors with your site should be fixed BEFORE it’s put up. Your design/development partner should conduct testing to ensure that your site runs smoothly on the latest versions of all of the browsers as well as all the latest versions of Android and iOS on smartphones and tablets. Have them go over their testing process with you before signing any contracts.

It’s essential that you ask questions such as these in order to determine whether or not a web design firm is equipped enough to build your ideal website.

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