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Search Engine Optimization Mississauga

Nova Solutions Mississauga is the leader in search engine optimization (SEO), web design and digital marketing services in the Mississauga and GTA area. Our experts have several years of experience in bringing websites to the top of Google search results. We help everyone from corporations, medium to small enterprises to boost their web presence greatly.

With business growing in Mississauga in several hubs across all industries, competition is at an all time high. Having a leading SEO ranking at the top of Google search results is a competitive edge. Our services have helped clients achieve this repeatedly. We thrive on optimizing client websites for web search traffic, higher conversions on site, and resulting increases in sales and new customers. Our company philosophy is to measure success and deliver value.

High Quality Web Design

A website is the digital face of a company. It portrays the online and web presence of the company; the quality is a huge differentiator for brand. Not only is the look and feel important, the engineering and construction is critical to having an easy experience for visitors that leads them to become your customers. A good website impression can be the critical decision point that decides whether people want to do business with you.

Poor website impressions are the leading cause for ‘bounces’. This is when a customer spends a few seconds and returns to Google, eventually ending up at your competitor’s website. Visitors that are not impressed with the credibility of company/personal websites are a critical loss of business. Web design is also heavily connected with SEO. Nova Solutions are leaders in helping customers easily find your website and then land on a well-constructed experience. The effectiveness of your web marketing is our most important goal.


Speak with us today about accelerating your internet marketing and web presence in Mississauga!

Social Media Marketing Mississauga

Social Media Marketing & Consulting Services

Social media has become critical to a good business to consumer, business to business online brand. Customers will often check social media to judge the legitimacy and quality of a company by listening to what people have to say online.

Nova Solutions have a lot of experience in social media strategy and are a partner of choice whether you are looking to get started and build basic services, or are looking for advanced methods. Nova Solutions are experts at creating social strategy running across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Groupon and more.

Nova solutions are also experts in social advertising. Social advertising is highly effective because it gives us the ability to target very specific groups and demographics with your advertising and branding. The more relevant the audience, the better results achieved. With experience from several notable clients, Nova Solutions offer an excellent set of services for social media growth, promotion, strategy and execution.

High Quality Web Design in Mississauga

Business philosophy dictates that customer experience is king. The world of internet and digital marketing is no different. The better a site is designed, the more clear the customer experience, the more likely someone is to buy your products and services. In a highly crowded and competitive marketplace it is critical to have a well-designed and well-thought out website.

Clean designs allow easy navigation and intuitive presentation of information. Good website manage the right mix of attractive images, written content and videos to maximize customer impact. This can be strengthened by links to social media and blogs where your company is featured. All these elements coming together paint a very strong and clear picture of competence and excellence.

Nova Solutions have tremendous experience in the space, having constructed more than 1,000 websites. Our team of expert designers spend a lot of time with clients, carefully crafting their story in a high impact website. We develop customized websites based on a range of needs, from basic to complex. Our complex solutions have included Ecommerce websites that see millions of visitors in traffic, while our basic sites represent beautiful designs for local businesses.


Speak with us today about accelerating your internet marketing and web presence in Mississauga!

Online Marketing

At Nova Solutions, we are different. While most companies focus on one service, we are an end to end online marketing company. Nova Solutions is a SEO, Web Design and Internet Marketing company that uses multiple tools and strategies to deliver client success.

The age of Web 2.0 is well on the way, where a generation of internet based have succeeded across major themes including AJAX, social networking, networked labor, collaboration, social and media sharing. Nova Solutions success is from the right approach to capturing this marketing. While single tactics have limited success, we focus on the big picture and the end to end internet marketing solution.

This is the larger digital campaign. It includes SEO optimization, PPC, solid web design and landing pages and then conversion optimization. These tactics can be considered in sequence because customers need to find you, understand you, and then decide to do business with you. We supplement this with creating an ecosystem of tactics. Adding elements of social, blogs and relevant content takes the solution to the next level.

Every client has a unique business and set of requirements. At Nova Solutions we take the time to understand the situation through multiple consultations and create a custom solution for your needs. We act as key partners and this is reflected by trust thousands of clients have placed on us.

Implementation of the solution is with several touch-points where we consult with you extensively. Once our product is in place, we consistently measure SEO, PPC and social results to track visits and conversions to becoming customers. This adds the element of return on investment in internet marketing. Delivering high value is a key priority for Nova Solutions.

Online Marketing Toronto

Web Site Consultation Services

Nova Solutions are experts at website design and optimization. We make sure that your website is SEO optimized, connected with PPC marketing and also offer video production to enrich the experience. Our consulting services are flexible and cater to both simple and complex requirements. It is important to make sure that these strategies tie into your company brand and goals. We work closely with you to ensure that your website gets the best design.

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Speak with us today about accelerating your internet marketing and web presence in Mississauga!

Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC has emerged as a critical advertising tool to deliver targeted traffic to your website. However if not managed correctly with the right keyword, pricing and strategy, it can be an expensive mistake. Nova Solutions have managed highly effective PPC campaigns and boast a positive return on PPC. Our expert analysts spend considerable time and effort on understanding your business, matching the most effective keywords and ensuring the best costs for advertising against the traffic to be generated.

Keyword effectiveness is critical, which means we will spend a lot of time on keyword research, testing for the best combination. Once deployed, we constantly monitor traffic and keyword performance to see where visitors are coming from and whether they are the most relevant audience you want on your website. Only tracking sales is not important, but rather the origin of where customers come from so that we can optimize for the highest level of conversion. Our goal is to maximize the return on your PPC dollars.

Search Engine Optimization

At the basic level SEO is abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of making sure that your website shows up at the top of search engine results from platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is ‘free’ traffic and is also called ‘organic’ traffic. Optimization is done through a series of basic to advanced improvements to your website to gain more exposure to search engine results pages (serp’s)

The better the implementation of SEO on a website, the more visitors it can expect and therefore a higher chance for circulating the core message. In your case, it is to get customers. Nova Solutions SEO services are built to land customers on all customer centered aspects of your website. We focus on building multiple search engine positions for your website which has a higher chance of increasing visibility.

SEO strategy is not a black and white, once ‘on’ game. Search engine rankings are constantly shifting based on ever changing algorithms from players such as Google. Site and page performance must be monitored and elements on pages must be modified based on the changing landscape. At Nova Solutions we take pride in staying ahead of the curve, constantly keeping our clients sites on the first page.