10 Facts About Local SEO You Probably Didn’t Know

We’ve all rushed to search engines to find a local business that offers a particular product or service. Online consumers are no different. They all want to find products and even services that are offered locally in hopes that they will pay less and enjoy the convenience of dealing with a local brand. This is probably why any business needs to invest in a solid local SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy allows you to drive more people to your business with a limited budget.

Local SEO Can Help Boost Conversion Rates

Nearly half of online users searching for local businesses on their smartphones end up visiting the physical location. And only third of desktop and tablet users did the same. This simply means that when someone finds your local store on search, they are able to get more information about its location and visit in person. Your business should be optimized for local search. Let’s look at a few stats that prove the value of local SEO:

1. 18% of people who search for local stores online using their mobile devices make a purchase within a day.

2. 87% of online users with a smartphone use this device to search for products and services online on search engines like Google at least once every day.

3. As the number of smartphone users increases by the day, 60% of online users in America are using their mobile devices and smartphones to find local products and services online.

4. Among those who are searching for local products online, 50% want to find business information such as the local address.

5. 78% of users who are searching for local stores online end up purchasing the product or service offline.

6. Not all online users will visit a store before confirming its location via search. Research shows that 71% of online users will first look for a local store’s location online before visiting it for the very first time. Having your business’s location details on the website will increase traffic and sales.

7. Local listings are very popular for business. It’s even shown by research that 68% of online users who find businesses on local listings will click on “get directions” or “click to call”. This means that having your business listed on popular sites is important. It increases the number of queries you get and ultimately conversion rates.

8. How often do people search for local businesses online? 89% of online users who participated in the study admitted that they search for local businesses at least once a week. They use their smartphones to perform the search.

9. Google has a high rate of local searches. In fact, the study shows that 48% of all searches that are made on Google are local. 86% of these online users will want to find the local business on Google Maps. This is why it’s important to ensure that your business is available on Google Maps.

10. What’s even more encouraging to marketers is that local searches have a high likelihood of generating leads. 86% of those who search for businesses locally will call the number provided.


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