5 Essential SEO Techniques To Master In 2016

The time couldn’t be better for online businesses in Mississauga to leverage the power of SEO, which has become one of the most important marketing channels around the world.

But ‘search’ as we all are aware of, has constantly evolved over the years and now, requires a more streamlined effort in order to be effective. You cannot succeed with lopsided efforts that place more emphasis on one thing over the other.

Links? Yes. You will still need links in order to rank higher. But the type of links matters more than the number of links.

Content? Yes. You will need quality content in order to get those high quality links.

So, while the fundamentals remain the same as they were a few years ago, the execution has changed slightly. If you are looking to venture into the Digital Marketing space in 2016 or are looking to restructure your existing SEO plans, then here are a few essential SEO techniques that you’d want to be aware of.

Understanding Keyword Intent

One of the most important changes, mostly for the better, has been witnessed in the way businesses are using quantitative data to understand user intent and then channelizing their marketing strategy to match it. This trend will continue and the importance of using Keyword research to find more effective keywords will be amplified. Keep an eye on your competition too. What are they doing right, that you can do better? Once you have some clear insights, alter your content marketing strategy to match this.

An Influencer

Any website that is serious about using content to project itself as a subject matter expert in their field of business must have an influencer on board. An influencer is someone who is a subject matter expert and someone that your audience trusts. This trust can be instilled on the basis of quality write-ups that incorporate your keyword research results. To sum it up, high quality content based on the results of your keyword research.

The Strategy

It is so very crucial to have a clear strategy mapped before you even begin to create content for your Mississauga business. Just doing things haphazardly will never work. Why are you posting an article if you are posting one? Why create a video with this title? What are the chances of this being shared? Is it adding value to your website user experience? Always have clear answers before you proceed.

Integrating the teams

Your content, SEO and Paid search teams must work in tandem since they all are working to achieve the same goals. SEO data can be shared and leveraged across all these channels, amplifying your marketing results.

Thinking small

If you still haven’t optimized your website for Mobile devices, then the time is now. Google has explicitly stated multiple times that websites that are optimized for portable devices like mobiles and Tablets have a much better chance at getting ranked, as compared to a website that doesn’t. It cannot be any clearer.

Take the guesswork out of SEO and speak to an SEO consultant company in Mississauga today.


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