5 SEO Lies To Be Aware Of

As is the case while hiring any new service provider, businesses in Mississauga must do their due diligence before hiring SEO firms.

Because due to the overwhelming demand for quality services, many fly-by-night companies have set up shop looking to swindle the gullible customer of their hard earned cash.

The only way to prevent being fobbed off, is to be wary while speaking to SEO companies. If you know what to look for, then it’s easy to spot a charlatan with his slimy sales pitch.

Here are some of the alluring lies that you may hear:

We can rank you #1 on Google

That’s the ultimate price catch that any SEO company can offer you, isn’t it? But if you hear this from an SEO firm, it’s time to run away as far as you can. We have repeated this numerous times. No company can guarantee you a #1 ranking on Google. Anyone who promises that they can, either knows nothing about SEO or is out to swindle you. Sadly, despite being one of the oldest lies that has almost tainted the industry, it is still used by unscrupulous companies.

We will build lots of links to your website

More links is not equal to better rankings. That is an outdated and obsolete technique that may have worked a decade ago. Not anymore. It’s about acquiring high quality links that can give your website the authority it deserves, that matter. Most of these SEO companies either use automated software for building links or hire Virtual assistants to do mass submissions on directories, article directories, forums and to write spam comments. That’s the quickest way to a penalty.

We can rank you in a month

Oh the attraction of fast results. We love fast results, don’t we? People want to get rich quick. Lose weight fast. That’s one of the reasons why shady companies are able to make a quick buck at your expense. Nobody can guarantee a time frame that they can rank your website in. Maybe, if they have enough past experience, they can give you an ‘estimated’ time frame in which they have been able to rank websites in the past. But if someone tells you that they can rank you in a month or in 10 days, then its bogus.

You can choose from one of our packages

This one takes the cake. How can an SEO consultant ask a potential client to select a premade SEO package without even understanding their industry, analysing their competition or knowing what keywords they are looking to rank for? If I wish to rank for ‘Web design in Mississauga’, its one of the most competitive keywords to rank for. What good is a cookie cutter package going to do for me? In SEO, one size doesn’t fit all. Every package has to be tailored according to the requirements of the client.

We will use ‘Human readable’ spun content

To acquire links, you will need content. And lots of it to be honest. Unless you have the right budget for hiring quality content writers, or the right time frame to write the content yourself, you shouldn’t even be thinking of doing SEO. A lot of inexperienced SEO companies these days offer premade cookie cutter SEO packages that relies on spun content for link acquisition. Spun content can never be human readable. Period. And Google hates robotic text blocks which make no sense.

Take your time while selecting an SEO company in Mississauga. Beware of people who make lofty promises that they can’t keep. The genuine guys may tell you things that you won’t like to hear. Like, ‘It may be a year before you can rank for the keywords’ or ‘It’s going to be an uphill task trying to beat your competitors’. But at least, they won’t fool you.


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