5 SEO Tips to Boost Page Speed

The recent Walmart vs. Amazon Page Speed experiment has once again emphasized the importance of using simple fundamental techniques to improve online sales. If you have an e-commerce website in Mississauga, then maybe you can take an ode from it.

Walmart noticed that its website was already faster than that of other retailers like Amazon. But it wanted to be even faster. So, it increased its website speed further and it noticed that an improvement of just 1 second in the page load time, improved its conversion rates by as much as 2%.

An improvement of merely 100 microseconds improved click through rates.

But despite this overwhelming evidence, most e-commerce websites have a ‘less than desirable’ page load time, which happens to be 3 seconds by the way. If you have used an online website speed analysis tool and found out that you are lagging behind, then here are a few SEO tips that will help you boost your page speed and improve sales and move up in the rankings.

Optimizing Database

Most of the websites on the internet rely on databases today to store tons of information. And every time a visitor reaches a website, the website scans through millions of records in the database to find the right information to relay to the user. While all this happens within a few seconds, you can speed it up further by adding a simple database index. Building a database index can reduce page load times by a few seconds at least.

Unwanted Embeds and tracking codes

You have just inserted the Google Analytics code into your website pages, when you come across another analytics program which also offers excellent real time tracking. So, you use that too for your Mississauga e-commerce website. However, what you do not know is that multiple tracking codes can bog down your website resulting in slow load times. Another thing is video embeds. While video is a great way to engage with your customers, YouTube videos should only be used when necessary because they use iFrames to load the content. iFrames can be painstakingly slow at times.

Reduce the asset size

Rather than resizing large images, use an image editing tool and use scaled images instead. Minify your Javascript and CSS files to reduce load times and lastly, you can also consider combining some of these assets using a tool like Gzip. If you are unsure about how to go about this, speak to an SEO consultant in Mississauga for more information.


Caching is one of the simplest ways to improve page speed. On every website, there are certain images, text and script which are the same on all pages. Yet, each time a user accesses those pages, the same images and scripts are loaded again, slowing down the site. Caching allows these pages to be served as static htmls instead of dynamic ones, speeding up the site considerably. If you use WordPress, you can use a great plugin called ‘W3 Total Cache’ to ease caching.


A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a great tool that stores copies of your webpages on multiple servers around the world. So, if your website is hosted in Mississauga, and a user from Iceland lands on your page, a CDN would automatically deliver the web pages from a server closest to the user. So, the page loads a lot faster.


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