6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

‘Social Media Marketing’ triggers a mixed response from online businesses in Mississauga. For some, it is a mysterious buzzword that everyone is talking about, but has a steep and tedious learning curve associated to it. For others, it is by far, the best thing that has happened to online businesses.

The good thing though is that even if you are new to it, you can easily find a middle path.

Its 2016 and there is enough evidence to show that Social Media Marketing can no longer be ignored as a fad that may disappear as soon as it arrived. When executed correctly, it can amplify your SEO efforts and help you create an appealing brand identity in the online space.

Here are six social media practices that you must embrace in 2016 to help with your SEO efforts.

More is better

When it comes to followers on social media, more is always better. So, if your competitor has 1 million Twitter followers, there is a reason why he’s edging you out at business. But before you swipe your credit card and buy 2 Million proxy followers for a few hundred dollars, think again. Google is smart enough to figure out if you have dummy followers with no activity on the account except a fake stock image for display. You have to start from scratch and build an organic follower base.

Working on Content

If you are serious about your Social Media Goals, then you have to think and then rethink some more about your content strategy. Because it is the one single thing that is going to make a difference. High quality authoritative content means more shares, likes, comments, brand mentions, popularity! It’s simple in theory.

Integrating Keywords into your posts

Ever seen social media posts in the top of search result pages? Considering that most social media websites are teeming with authority, Google has started to include high quality posts into search results and it is a great idea to integrate your target keyword phrasese into your social posts. For example, if your target keyword is ‘Best Sushi in Mississauga’, then you can write a post about ‘Do you know where to find the best sushi in Mississauga? You might be surprised.’ A Title like this has your main keyword integrated into it and also instantly, creates an inquisitiveness in your target audience.

Brand Awareness

The best way to increase your reputation in the online space is to stand out as an authority in your field of business and interact with your target audience. Post quality content, engage with them on a regular basis. And don’t consider this as a mere branding exercise either. The enhanced branding will also contribute towards domain authority and improve your rankings in non-branded search.

Local SEO

Social media provides you with one of the easiest ways to target Local SEO. Interact with other local brands, post content that is optimized for local search and engage with your local customers.

Social Media is based on very simple principles. Improve the user experience and you will instantly open up a huge marketing channel with endless potential. To know more about combining your social media and SEO campaigns, speak to an SEO consultant in Mississauga today.


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