A Holsitic Approach To SEO

Long gone are the days of SEO being all about keywords, on-page content, and link building. Any business in Mississauga relying on outdated practices won’t get very far. Search engine optimization has evolved to so much more, and while keywords, on-page content, and link building are still important, the way they must be done has certainly changed.

Google has one mission: to provide users with the perfect search engine that helps anyone find whatever it is they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.

There are many ranking factors to consider now, and some experts recommend a holistic approach that includes them all. This kind of approach means that you put focus on the following:

– Quality content (writing, video content, images, etc.)

– Running a secure website

– Making a mobile-friendly and responsive website

– Providing a great user experience

– Good technical SEO, both on-page and off-page

– Social media

– Blogging

– Video marketing

– Mobile SEO

– Quality link building

– Local optimization

One aspect of search engine optimization that remains the same, and probably will always remain the same, is that that the website be the center of your strategy. It’s the central hub where everything connects. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have a quality site that meets all of Google’s expectations. It should be user-friendly and have a responsive design so that users can access it from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Website speed is a ranking factor. If it takes more than just two or three seconds for the page to load, people will get aggravated and leave. A high bounce rate has a negative effect on rankings. You can also reduce the bounce rate by ensuring that users end up on a landing page that corresponds to their specific search query or the PPC ad they click on.

Don’t go overboard with the keywords. They are still relevant, but only if they are used in a way that seems natural. Having an attractive, responsive website is essential, as it leads to a lower bounce rate and has a higher chance of receiving attention through social media.

Speaking of which, off-page optimization on social media and blog posts is important as well. Each of your YouTube videos should have a unique summary with relevant keywords. Share videos through your social media pages. Have informative, well-written posts on your blog, and encourage readers to share the posts.

Local marketing is important as well, no matter what kind of company you are involved in. Take advantage of local SEO tools that will help you create and maintain listings. Consistent information and unique information are equally important. Information concerning your business name, phone number, and address should be consistent across all listings. However, other information needs to be unique and specific to each particular listing.

If there is one constant with search engine optimization, it’s the importance of focusing on search users. Don’t focus on the search engines themselves. You also don’t want to do SEO for yourself so much as you will want to do it for the users and potential customers. Since search engines are dedicated to providing answers to searchers, it makes sense that businesses use a strategy that is dedicated to users. Create quality content and provide people with what they want, and you can’t go wrong.


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