A Simple Guide On How Google And Other Search Engines Work

Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine how to rank websites on SERPs. Google has undergone lots of changes that impact on website rankings. Let’s look at some of these changes and what it means to website owners.

Google Prefers Mobile Friendly Websites

If your site is yet to have Accelerated Mobile Pages for the mobile user, you might be losing out on a lot of traffic. Google is pushing hard for website owners to invest in Accelerated Mobile Pages because the number of visitors using their mobile devices to browse has increased significantly. Google even claims to have included Accelerated Mobile Pages in their search results from the beginning of the year.

Make Appointments On Search Results

For companies that rely on appointments such as dental clinics, hotels and restaurants, Google may allow your customers to do it right from the search results page. You’ve probably noticed the way search results pages have changed over the years. This new feature is currently being tested by Google and is yet to be fully launched.

Use Disavow After A Penalty

If your site was hit by the Google Penguin, and rankings significantly went down, you need to take advantage of the disavow file. This is what allows you to tell search engine crawlers to avoid a certain area of your website either because it has low quality links or duplicate content. Sometimes your website can get a lot of traffic because of poor quality links. When Google finds out, it will just administer a penalty that brings down your website. Just make sure that after the penalty, you do not disavow all your links. You may end up significantly lowering your website rankings.

More Focus On Advertising

Google is now showing 4 instead of 3 ads right above the organic search results. This basically shows how the search engine is focusing more and more on advertising. Even though this is not good news for SEO experts, it’s time most businesses thought about advertising on search engines. Well optimized sites have more limited space on search results. This is a clear indication that Google is not a social network but it’s there to make money.

Quality Content Is Still Key

Google will always give preferences to sites that offer their readers quality and unique content. This hasn’t changed in the previous years. There are so many factors that are considered to determine if the content is content. Social signals are among the key considerations. That’s why it is important to create shareable content. When you post your content on social media, people will share it and this will significantly boost rankings.


There’re a lot of factors that search engines use to determine why something ranks better than others. Sometimes even search engine experts can never tell why a certain piece of content ranks. The best way to boost your site rankings and maintain the high traffic in the long term is to invest in a proper SEO strategy.


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