Boosting Your Mississauga Blog with Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Many companies and individuals in Mississauga and surrounding areas are using SEO tactics for their blogs. If you’ve just started a blog, or plan to, you need to know how to optimize it properly in order to increase its rankings in search engines. SEO may seem confusing to you if you don’t have much experience. Before you spend any money on internet marketing packages, here are some things you can do yourself to boost your blog in search engine rankings:

– It helps to have a list of keywords. However, what you do with them matters. You can’t just list them in a blog post, or stuff them in the content. Your primary focus should be to create good content and then add keywords as you go along, in places where they are actually relevant.

– Focus on ONE topic at a time. Don’t try to cover too much in a single post. The list of keywords comes in handy as it gives you some ideas of what to write about. What kinds of questions would people like to have answered in your post? Put yourself in the minds of the readers when writing. People read blogs to be informed, so it’s your job to inform them.

– Organize content properly. Practicing good pagination is important for bloggers – especially if you have a lot of posts. Some blogs have all posts on a single page and implement endless scrolling. This really isn’t ideal because it doesn’t give users the option to select which specific post they want to read. Just as search engine results are organized over many pages, so should your blog posts. Don’t just offer two options of “older posts” and “newer posts” at the bottom of each page, either. This is bad practice as well.

– Not only should all your posts be easy to find, they should all be linked together when necessary. Always provide links to similar posts throughout the body of the content. If you refer to a particular topic you’ve already written about, have a hyperlink to that post with a targeted keyword. No content should be buried several clicks deep.

– Add images to your posts and make them easily sharable. Create engaging images that go along with the content. If you don’t know how, have a graphic designer help you. A good blog post isn’t just about text. You can optimize images and videos as well. If they are creative, visitors will be more likely to share them. Use a tool or plugin that allows you to put social sharing icons on all your images.

– Another important aspect of blogging is the title. The title itself has a huge bearing on the number of readers and shares a post gets. Experiment with titles. Which ones are getting the most hits? What is it about the titles of your popular posts that makes them stand out from titles of less popular posts? There are content research tools available that help you do research on not only your blog, but other blogs to find out which content gets the most shares. Always try to appeal to the emotions of potential readers.

These are a few SEO guidelines to help you with your blogging efforts in Mississauga. Good luck!


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