Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make

Blogging about the community is one of the best strategies for SEO in Mississauga. When done correctly, blog optimization brings in 100% organic traffic. It gives businesses the chances to reach out to their targeted audience.

If you are thinking about starting a blog for your company, or already have one, you need to learn how to optimize it the right way in order to get organic traffic and leads through search engines. There are quite a few mistakes that many bloggers make. You need to avoid these mistakes if you want to reap the full benefits that search engine optimization can bring through blogging:

Broken links

If any link on your blog does not point to its intended destination, it is considered broken. It does not help with your SEO at all since it makes the content less user-friendly. Double check every single link whenever you put up a new post to make sure that it works. Go to older posts and make sure that the websites you are linking to are still up and running.

Auto-generated title tags

Don’t accept whatever tags the blogging platform automatically generates. You will end up with just a very basic title with your blog’s name tacked on. Modify them yourself to make sure that all elements are optimized properly. Plug-ins are available that allow users to edit administrative interface.

Content that is anything but unique

You can’t just copy other blog posts. Your content cannot be too similar to other content, whether on competitors’ blogs or your own. Every single page has to be 100% unique. You can write about similar topics on multiple pages, but the content itself should be written from a different angle. Copying from other posts and articles will get you in trouble for duplicate content. Not only will it hurt your rankings, it could get your entire blog banned from search engines, and your pages will never appear in search results at all.

Keyword stuffing

Sometimes keyword stuffing really isn’t done on purpose; you could overuse a particular keyword without even realizing it. It’s important to use a variety of keywords in a blog post rather than focusing on just one. Go back and reread the draft before submitting the post. There are keyword density evaluation tools that you can use to help you determine if you’ve used one too many times. If you have, go back and replace a few instances of it with a different keyword. You might want to make the post a bit longer as well.

Having a date-based archive

This is a huge SEO problem on many blogs. Old entries are categorized based on date rather than category. You do not want number-based anchor text, as it will not help your optimization efforts. Keyword-based archives, however, WILL help. Organize your blog into categories based on topics and keywords. If you already have a date-based hierarchy, get rid of it.

Not getting your own domain for the blog

If your URL contains anything like “Wordpress”, “Blogspot”, etc. , you need to change it. Not only is it bad for SEO, it makes things difficult when you need to move to another service provider or platform. You won’t be able to use 301 redirect. There are plenty of services that allow you to buy a domain name for a blog at a cheap price.

SEO for a Mississauga blog does not have to be difficult. Just make sure you’re following these guidelines and not making any mistakes.


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