How Long Does It Take To Rank On Page 1 Of Google?

If we were to earn a penny each time someone asks us this question, we’d have made millions by now. Almost any new business who considers doing online marketing in Mississauga wants to know the answer to this question.

‘How long before my website gets ranked on page 1? How soon can you get me there?’

Well, it is actually not a very bad question to ask either.

Considering that only 8.5% of online search traffic ever goes beyond the first page of Google, you’d either be on Page 1 or not be on the internet at all.

A popular joke among internet marketers is that ‘The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google’.

The fact is that nobody knows a clear and concise answer to the question.

And here’s why.

Google’s Massive Index

It is estimated that 700000 search queries are made every 60 seconds on Google. And for each of these queries, the Google Bot tries to match the query with billions of webpage in its index. To bring up the results on the first page, Google considers numerous factors. Some of these are known to the common public. Others remain a secret. The known ones can be used as a reference to make changes on the website that allows the Google bot to crawl your website and match it against a particular query.

The unknown ones are mere speculative guesses.

Considering that these are algorithmic programs, even Google would not be able to precisely predict how they affect each other and also, the search results.

What an SEO company in Mississauga can do is look at your current website, identify any areas that need improvement, suggest strategies to improve the chances of ranking and then suggest an estimated timeframe based on past experience.

What are the known factors that can affect the time taken for a website to rank?

Your ranking can be affected by a lot of factors like the competitiveness of the business niche, your competitors, the quality of your website and your marketing efforts.

For example, if your business niche is not overly competitive and your main competitors are not actively marketing their websites on the internet, then on an average, it may take from 6-8 months for your website to get ranked on page 1.

Some of the known factors that can affect the time taken for a website to rank are:

  • Domain Age:

    Older domains are considered to be more trustworthy by Google as compared to newer sites (less than 6 months old)

  • Content Quality:

    Google bots can determine the frequency at which new content is added to a site, the quality of content, the average length of the content and the number of times that it is shared on social media.

  • Links:

    If your site is relatively new, having a lot of links pointing to it can look suspicious and despite links being one of the most important factors that can affect ranking, it is also one of the most closely moderated ones.

Rather than getting hung up on days and numbers, we always advice businesses in Mississauga to focus on creating a high quality website with lots of authoritative content, frequent updates, social media channels and a clean intuitive design. That will win half the battle.


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