How To Block Search Engine Crawlers From Visiting Sections Of Your Website

It’s every search marketers dream to ensure that search engine crawlers visit their web pages and index them to boost rankings. But there are cases when you don’t want crawlers accessing certain files and folders on your website. For one reason, crawlers can be slow when indexing your website because they are coming across too many unnecessary files and folders. Slow crawling can significantly affect your website rankings.

When you can block the search engine crawlers from accessing those unnecessary files and folders, you can easily boost your site rankings. You just need to create your sitemap and have an idea of what pages on your site are being indexed by search engines. The other reason why you may want to prevent search engine crawlers from accessing certain parts of your website is content duplication.

Was Your Website Penalized?

Perhaps your website was recently penalized for poor quality backlinks from untrusted sources. Blocking crawlers from accessing the parts of your website that had these linking issues can instantly improve your website ranking. You just need to find out where the issues were and then focus on directing search crawlers to the sections on your website without low quality backlinks. Doing this will even restore your website’s trust and page rank.

Content duplication is one of the things any search engine crawler hates. If you know you have copies of content from other sources on the web on your site, you may want to prevent search engine crawlers from accessing that part of the site. When you do this, no duplication will be seen when crawlers index your website. This can significantly help to boost website traffic and rankings. There are several ways to get this done.

Using The robots.txt File To Boost SEO

There’s a certain file that every search engine marketer should be aware of when trying to optimize the site and boost traffic, robots.txt. This file is what allows marketers to prevent search engine crawlers from accessing certain files and folders in a website. Using this file, you can prevent duplicate content issues and slow crawling due to having too many pages.

Avoid Losing Link Value

When using robots.txt file to block a certain URL that gets a lot of links from other websites, you may not get any link value on the page. This significantly affects the site’s rankings. Other than using robots.txt, opt for using the value NOINDEX, follow on the meta tag. This will ensure search engines crawl the page and it also benefits from the backlinks.

Know When To Use robots.txt

There are different ways to prevent search engine crawlers from accessing certain files on your website. Sometimes the robots.txt file is not always the best solution. For instance, if you want to block only a small section of the page, using the value NOINDEX of NOFOLLOW can help you to ensure the other sections of the page are indexed while skipping a specific part.


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