How To Determine If A Website Is Optimized For Lead Generation

Sometimes your website design might come in the way of getting lots of qualified leads. Visitors may get to your website but get confused along the way. They are not given the right components to take action. For instance, you may be running a campaign that sends visitors to the home page instead of a custom landing page. Right there and then, you lose that visitor because there were no CTAs on the page that appeal to that user.

If you are thinking of ways to generate more leads and boost conversion rates, start with your website. Perhaps you need to change the following website features to generate more leads for your business.

Use Lead Generation Forms On Landing Pages

Who said your contact page is the only one that can have a lead generation form? Have these forms on your landing pages when running a campaign. When users submit their own contact information, there’s a high likelihood that they are really interested in your product or service or even the content. Get these leads by publishing your contact forms wherever it’s needed to get these customers.

Collect And Track Form Submissions

Always ensure that all the customers who have input their information on the contact forms are easy to get in touch with. You can send them emails or track their behavior when they visit the website next. You only need to have the right scraping tool on your website to gather all these data from your form submissions and place them in a contact database.

Provide Ctas On Every Page

Customers want to be told what action to take when they get to a landing page. Sometimes people visit the website and they really don’t know what to do. Tell your customers to buy that product or sign up to that newsletter. The number one thing that you need the visitor to do on the page should be the primary CTA. Have a secondary CTA that also allows the visitor to take another action. Make the actions clear and simple so that visitors can make a decision quick.

Create More Landing Pages

Having landing pages allows you to convert many web visitors so don’t be afraid to have as many as possible. In fact, landing pages can also have amazing SEO benefits. Just master the art of creating effective landing pages. From the design to the navigation, social proof and content, make sure every aspect of your landing page is carefully thought through.

Make Use Of Pop-Up Forms

Pop-up forms have had a bad name in website design but they can be used to help you generate more qualified leads. First, you have to make sure what you’re offering is relevant and valuable to the website visitor. Don’t just interrupt the visitor’s online experience for no reason. Again, proper timing is key when it comes to pop up forms. You can allow visitors to spend a certain amount of time on the site or visit certain pages before the pop up form appears. Most importantly, use the right language and make sure you entice the visitor to take action.


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