How To Handle A Sudden Drop In Blog Traffic

Have you noticed a sudden drop in your blog traffic? Perhaps you still post content on a regular basis but you can’t seem to attract the same number of users every day. We’ll share with you a few tips to get your blog right back on track.

Promote The Blogs On Social Media

Find social media platforms that are best suited for your type of audience and the kind of content you normally post. Make your social media presence active and consistent. This will ensure you have a growing audience to share your blogs with. You can get some great social signals that eventually boost SEO. Just make sure you provide users with relevant and interesting topics. Shareable content works amazingly well on social media.

Blog Commenting

Have you tried commenting on other blogs and posting a link to a similar page on your blog? This can help to provide important backlinks on your site that boost rankings. But be very cautious on the sites where you choose to put your links. Blog commenting has to be done right in order to work. Make a respectful and relevant comment on the blog so that it is likely to be approved by the author. You don’t want to end up being spammed.

Find Content That Works Best

To know which type of content resonates with your audience most, check Google Analytics. You are likely to find information on the pages that got the most views. What kind of information does your target audience like to read the most? You can quickly check the pages which have the most views or where users spent the most time.

Create Monthly Newsletters

If you collect emails from your website visitors, consider sending them newsletters regularly with links to your posts. This will help them to remember your brand better and also boost the traffic to your blog. You can use platforms like Mailchimp to send out emails to a large email list. Inform them of any new blogs that they can visit your website and read.

Invest In Paid Advertising

Sometimes paid advertising can really give you some great traction on your blog. For instance, you can create a sponsored ad on Facebook or Twitter to share a new blog with a larger target audience. Keep in mind that, Facebook will not present your posts to all followers on your page. You may have to advertise in order to reach out to a larger target audience. When setting up any kind of paid campaign, make sure you perform proper audience targeting. You can spend a lot of money if you don’t select the right audience and demographics that you would like to reach.


Coming up with blog content can be relatively easy, the only challenge may come up when it’s time to make it rank. It’s all possible provided you put in a lot more effort. Don’t be afraid to use money to promote your blog. But what’s most important is that you maintain consistency by posting and sharing your blogs on a regular basis.


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