How To Protect A Website From Negative SEO?

Someone once wisely said that, ‘Business is akin to war’ and everything is fair in war, isn’t it?

The online marketplace is nothing short of a battleground. And companies in Mississauga, Oakfield and most parts of the world are constantly at loggerheads with each other vying for a larger share of the pie. And one of the outcomes of this constant relentless competition is Negative SEO.

Why bother taking all the effort to rank your business when you can scupper your competitors ranking a lot more easily?

Negative SEO is a reality and something that even a smiling seemingly docile competitor can resort to. For a business, it can be devastating because rankings can disappear overnight, sales can come to do zero within a day and hard earned brand reputation can take a tumble.

How Does One Protect A Website From Negative SEO?

Some types of Negative SEO tactics

There are no proven techniques that work here. Most negative SEO tactics are ones that directly violate the terms and conditions listed by search engines. So, the intent of the person who carries out these activities is to get your website blacklisted by Google and other search engines. And once you know what terms and conditions to violate, it becomes very easy to do it.

Pointing thousands of spammy links to the website

One of the easiest and most used Negative SEO technique is to point thousands of spammy links created by automated link building tools to a rival business website. Most of these links are created from low quality link farms and directories and the anchor text may not even be related to the business. How would it look to Google, if a website has ten thousand links pointing towards it with the anchor text ‘Buy Viagra’?


Another technique is to make copies of your website and to distribute it around the internet hoping that your website will be hit by the ‘Duplicate Content’ penalty.


By sending thousands of requests every second to the web server, a websites load speed is reduced considerably.

Negative Reviews

Fake social media accounts are created to write negative reviews and comments about a business until, only negative reviews show up when a new user searches for a business.

Protecting your website against Negative SEO

There is only one way to protect your website against nefarious interests and the onslaught of negative SEO. It is by constantly being on the vigil.

Monitoring Backlinks:

Monitor your backlink profile constantly using Google Webmaster Tools. Keep an eye for any notifications about Manual actions or Hacked Content on your site. These may be attempts made to attack your ranking in the serps. If you notice any unusual activity, like backlinks that you have not built, then contact the source of the backlinks immediately and request for the links to be removed. Keep a copy of this correspondence. If you are not receiving any replies or are not making any progress, then, use Google’s disavow tool to ask Google to not consider these low quality links while crawling your website.

It often requires the expertise of an SEO company to protect one’s business against Negative SEO. If you suspect that a competitor may have spammed you out of search engine listings, then speak to an SEO company in Mississauga about penalty recovery.


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