How to Recognize Shady SEO Services in Mississauga

You can’t trust just any Mississauga SEO company or service, as many of them are a waste of time, if not an outright scam. Search engine optimization is something that takes time. It’s a custom service that needs to be tailored to each individual business. Even when done properly, results still cannot be guaranteed.

How can you recognize a good SEO service from a bad one? Here are some of the things shady companies do that you need to watch out for:

They offer generic “packages”.

Since SEO is a highly-individualized process, the website of an SEO firm should not have a “menu” of items listed for you to choose from. An ideal company will work with you in determining what kind of services you will need to meet your goals. You may need many services or just a few, depending on the current state of your business and your short-term and long-term goals.

The entire strategy consists of blog posts.

While blog posts are important, you’re going to need more than that. You might even already have your own production team. What about on-site optimization? Social media? Keyword analysis? Responsive design? These are all essential elements of search engine optimization just as much – and in some cases more – than blog posts.

The rates are considerably low.

A legitimate company that has proven its worth can get away with charging more. Keep in mind that SEO requires a great deal of time, as most of its practices require manual work. It’s also an ongoing process. If they’re charging for a lot less than other companies, there’s a good chance they will be automating some – if not all – of the work. Search engine bots will be able to pick up on this and your site could end up getting penalized as a result.

They make promises that are too good to be true.

Once again, results can never be guaranteed. It may take a lot time for your site to show up on the first results page, if it ever even does. What a trusted company will offer is to use legitimate tactics to reduce the bounce rate and increase your chances of getting a high ranking.

Communication is poor.

Avoid any SEO provider that lacks good communication skills. If their answers to your questions are vague or poorly written with bad spelling and grammar, you don’t want them working for you. They must take an interest in your company so that they can come up with a custom strategy tailored just for you. Communication goes both ways; you should answer their questions clearly as well.

They don’t offer to send regular reports.

You should receive a report at the very least once a month. This report should contain details of everything the provider has be doing and is in the process of doing. If the SEO company created a Google Analytics account for you, they should give you access. You should also receive details about all of their link-building efforts.

You can increase the chances of success with an SEO provider in Mississauga by learning about the tactics and principles yourself. You don’t have to learn everything, but you should at least be familiar with the practices and rules so that you can tell the difference between good SEO and bad SEO.


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