How To Use Highly Controversial Content To Go Viral Without Cutting-off Some Audience

Any content marketer will tell you that no one ever knows if a piece of content will go viral. You spend time doing all the best practices in content marketing with the hopes that you’ll produce a piece that has high-viral potential. What many would agree is that controversial content is highly likely to go viral. Content that triggers an emotional response usually has a ripple effect. But there’s a thin line between controversial content and one that can have a negative impact on your brand. That’s why you need to tread softly when it comes to controversial content. Below are a few ideas to help you produce controversial content that works:

Provide Real Value To Your Target Audience

When thinking of content that evokes an emotional response, also ensure that it offers your target audience value. It could be a campaign that can help them improve their day to day life. Think about something that will change your viewer’s perspective about certain things in life. For instance, a video that helps your audience to get rid of unconscious biases and appreciate uniqueness.

Feature Content From A Credible Source

Whenever you are coming up with content that is controversial, make sure you have a reliable source to back up the information. The last thing you want is to be considered as an unreliable source of information by publishing baseless content. Make sure you are able to prove the validity of your content especially in cases where data is involved.

Offer A Different Perspective Of A Familiar Subject

Think about subjects that are usually very controversial and offer a different perspective. For instance, the ideal world wants super models to be of size zero but starting a campaign that highlights models with realistic body sizes can be a great way to generate some buzz. Compare two images and allow your viewers to think about what makes each of the situations different.

Don’t Cover One Side Of The Story

It’s important to try and be impartial when covering a controversial topic. The last things users want is information that already looks biased. Rather than going in with an agenda to support a specific side, opt to allow your readers or viewers to air out their opinions on the matter. This will prevent your campaign from being too one-sided. Make sure your audience feels like their opinion counts rather than feeling like you are just trying to create propaganda.

Don’t Alienate A Certain Group

Content shaming rarely works even if your purpose is to generate attention online. Never try and shame a group of people for their choices because some people may consider it as being arrogant. Remember that you’ll obviously have disagreements when you publish controversial content. Make sure you respond to all the negative and positive views respectfully. Bear in mind that everyone has their own opinion and you shouldn’t force them to believe in what you consider the truth. Sometimes the opinions of others especially if you don’t respond correctly, can lead you to pull down the content and start over.


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