How to Use Visual Content to Boost Conversion Rates

When there is a need to improve your website conversion rates, think of ways to twerk your content in order to attract a loyal audience. Perhaps your online users are getting bored with the long pieces of text on your blog. Why not try out something different such as an infographic, videos and photos to display the same information?

Visual content can help you to attract new users. You don’t even need to search for content ideas. You can start by repurposing your existing content. For instance, the blog that offers readers tips can be converted into a simple one-minute long video. Below are a few ideas to use visual content to promote your product and boost conversion rates.

Keep It Precise

Visual content should be easy to understand and capture the viewer’s attention from the first few seconds. For a start, look for ways to bring the message across in a quick way. If it’s a video, you can share the ideas or tips in just a few minutes. For infographics, keep it precise so that people can follow through.

Understand Your Target Audience

Come up with a strategy for your visual content. You can start by checking the web pages and blogs with the most views on your website. Then try to understand what content is most appealing to your target users. If it’s a popular blog, look for ways to convert the same information into a video or infographic and sharing it to get more users.

Use Ctas (Call To Action)

Make use of CTAs when posting visual content. Remember that viewers need to be told what action they need to take next. For instance, tell them to sign up for your newsletter or call to request a quote. Make sure you provide the right landing pages for your visual content because this will also affect conversion rates.

Get Reviews And Testimonials

Visual content that helps you to build trust can significantly boost your conversion rates. Think of using your existing reviews and testimonials to form a simple video. You may also post videos of clients who are reviewing your product on the page to boost trust and make consumers buy.

Explain Your Product

Visual content can be a nice way to explain how your product or service works. Take time to create professional explainer videos for your brand. You can post the video or a link on your website, just below the product description to enable users to see how the product will benefit them or how it is assembled before buying. Doing this can help them in the buying process.

When you decide to use visual content on your website, aim for quality. Also, try and compress your photos and videos so that they don’t slow down your website speed. Professionally done visual content will portray your brand in the best light among consumers. Don’t be in a rush to stuff your website with videos and infographics that aren’t clear or professionally done. Aim for quality and you will be able to improve your conversion rates.


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