Important SEO Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Mississauga Business

Before you begin asking SEO companies in Mississauga how they can help you, you must first ask yourself some questions. What kind of services do you need, exactly? Are you already doing everything you can in accordance with your own skill and knowledge level? If you are completely new to internet marketing and don’t know anything about search engine optimization, you must learn the basics and familiarize yourself with the concepts.

In order to better evaluate your needs, here are some important SEO questions to ask yourself:

“Does my website design have any errors and/or flaws?”

Having a good, responsive website is essential for SEO these days. If there are any errors, performance will suffer. Your bounce rate will increase as a result. Nobody wants to stick around at a website that has errors or even crashing problems. It should also load quickly. A slow loading website hurts rankings. If there are any problems, you may need to work with a company that can help with the technical on-page aspects of SEO.

“What is the state of my online reputation?”

You CAN control your online reputation on some level. If you’re getting reviews, respond to them all. If someone leaves you an unreasonable negative review, you can reply with your side of the story. Try to be as polite and professional as possible when doing so.

If you have a start-up company and don’t yet have any reviews, or any reputation at all for that matter, you’ll need professional SEO assistance for building your brand.

“What, exactly, are my goals”

Having a firm grasp on your short-term and long-term goals is essential. What do you hope to accomplish with internet marketing? Do you have a specific landing page you want people to land on through search engine results? Do you want people to find, read, and share your content through social media? Or do you want them to make purchases from your online catalog? Are you interested in obtaining leads for your local business? Having clearly defined goals makes it easier for you to acquire good SEO services. Legitimate providers need to know about your business and what you hope to accomplish in order to develop a custom plan.

“Could the content on my site/blog use some improvement?”

Look over your content. Is the information still fresh and relevant? Are there too many pages with similar content? Are images optimized properly? Is the content actually even GOOD? There could be a number of things wrong with content – especially if it was put together without SEO in mind. Having good content right now isn’t enough, either, as you will need more of it in the future. It’s an ongoing commitment.

“Is my website designed for ALL users?

People don’t just use PCs to access the internet anymore. Many of your potential visitors will be using mobile phones or tablets. Mobile design is also important for SEO rankings. Make sure your website is designed to be responsive on all devices.

Other factors to consider when acquiring internet marketing services include:

– Social media campaigns

– Local marketing

– Mailing list/newsletter campaigns

– Blogging

– Keyword analysis/PPC

– Quality link building

There are some great SEO services available in Mississauga – you need to choose a company with a good reputation.


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