It’s Time To Consider An SEO Strategy For Bing

Ever since Google arrived on the marquee, it has been synonymous with search. Think search and you’d automatically think Google. In fact, the colloquial term ‘Google it’ is a testimony to the success of the search engine giant.

But like every large successful corporation, Google has for long monopolized things. It is their way or the high way. To be a successful business in Mississauga or elsewhere, you have to be on Google. Everything else has been puny in comparison.

In the recent past though, there has been a refreshing change that is slowly starting to take effect, mainly in the United States.

The rise of Bing.

The Decline of Google

When Mozilla announced that its default search engine on the Firefox browser, would be Yahoo, it ruffled some feathers. And Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Ever since, Google’s market share has been steadily declining. It’s not a drastic drop in numbers. But it’s there. Google accounted for a 77.3% share in US search in 2014. It has dropped to 64% in 2016. The remaining 34% is being shared by the likes of Bing, Ask Network and AOL, with Bing accounting for the largest share of the pie.

Diverse Traffic Sources

It is wisely said that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. When it comes to online search, that big basket is Google. One fine day, you have a Google algorithm change that slaps your website rankings and a highly successful online business is reduced to just another online entity struggling to get customers. This scenario has been played out on numerous occasions in the past few years. By optimizing for Bing, you have an alternative source of organic traffic. It is maybe a miniscule one right now. But the opportunity is there.

Readily Accessible Information

All of Google’s efforts have been focussed on improving search quality. Bing already has that sorted. The quality of its search results are either on-par or slightly better than that of Google. Be it ‘Image search’ or regular search, Bing has multiple options that help users narrow down on the precise information that they are looking for. If you search in Bing images, it gives users with an option to show only images with faces. For businesses, this is an excellent way to optimize images and content according to user preferences.

No More Secret Sauce

Bing has always been more forthcoming in the way it treats its customers. The support is friendly. They are open about their search algorithms. There is no hidden secret sauce that only the company knows. They are also more rewarding to companies with a strong presence on social media.

Webmaster Tools

One of the successes of Google has been due to the excellent toolset it provides to webmasters. Have you seen Bing’s webmaster tools yet? It provides an equally efficient toolset that allows webmasters to optimize their website for SEO.

With Bing still accounting for only a small number of searches, that is steadily increasing, this may be the best time to optimize your Mississauga business for Bing and consider a SEO strategy.


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