Link Building The Right Way In 2016

It’s a new year for businesses in Mississauga, and with it comes new developments and changes in internet marketing. Perhaps no area of internet marketing has received enough attention over the past couple of years as link building. Everyone has been forced to change or evolve their link building strategies in one way or another.

How should you build links in 2016? What kind of strategy should you be using? Some experts would recommend that you use no strategy at all, and allow link building to occur naturally over time. Others would argue that a link building strategy is fine just as long as it does not involve spamming, or anything that could potentially be considered as “spamming”.

Manual Effort for Securing Links

Some manual effort is still important for link building. If your strategy is to simply not have a strategy then you are leaving everything up to chance. You can still put in some manual effort without resorting to spam. Unless you’re the luckiest person in the world, your content or website is not going to go viral without any effort on your part.

In addition to SEO, quality link building brings in other benefits:

– It allows you to create new online relationships and connections.

– It leads to referral traffic.

– It offers more access points to your website or blog.

– When done correctly, it leads to branding value and helps you to achieve the status of an authority figure in your industry.

Google’s content standards have risen very high in recent years, and are only expected to get higher in 2016. This is due to the over-saturation of low quality content in just about every industry. Users are now only willing to share the highest quality of content, since linking to low quality content will hurt their own rankings. This makes the viral approach extremely difficult to pull off, and you’ll be missing out on more opportunities if you don’t include a manual link building approach in your strategy.

What You Can do to Earn Backlinks

You can pursue link building opportunities by doing the following:

– Build relationships. Do so in a way that does not require spamming. Use social media to network with others. You can begin with niche-related communities.

– Only list your site in trustworthy directories and local business pages. Do not pay anyone else to mass submit it to multiple directories.

– Consider asking for backlinks. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. It should only be trusted sites that have content relevant to yours.

– Check and review your current backlinks. If a low-quality site is linking back to you, it cheapens the value of your link. Make sure your link is not listed at any site that has been penalized or banned from Google.

– Start a blog if you haven’t already. Writing interesting posts on a regular basis will allow your blog to gain authority. This will be beneficial for your brand, and will help increase the value of your main site.

Link building should still be a part of your overall internet marketing strategy in 2016. However, you need to be careful with it so that you are not accused of spam.


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