Making SEO Work For You

The great thing about search engines is that they give Mississauga businesses marketing opportunities that they would never ordinarily have. However, there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to do SEO. If any business goes about doing it the “wrong way”, their website will be banned. The ban may be temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the wrongful tactics used.

When done correctly and ethically, there is no match for the amount of potential leads you will experience from search engine optimization. It allows even small businesses an opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience without having to spend much money. In the days before internet marketing, the only way for a business to advertise was to pay a lot of money to appear in radio, television, or print ads. It was risky business if you miscalculated or misidentified your targeted audience.

Paid internet traffic, including PPC, can be risky business as well. While SEO can be risky as well, the amount of benefits it provides when done correctly is unparalleled.

Levels of Organic SEO

With organic SEO, you allow traffic to come to you naturally through the search engines. The ideal strategy includes four levels:

– Top level – search terms and PPC terms

– Indirect content

– Lead generation tools and blog topics that are relevant to your brand

– Database marketing and marketing automation

The top level involves optimizing keywords that are target-specific. These are the main keywords you want to optimize your content for. These days, long-tail keywords are ideal. The indirect content is just that – it’s content that is created to draw in individuals who may have an indirect or general interest in what you are offering.

Since not all of search engine optimization revolves around keywords, blog posts and social media posts play a role in the overall strategy as well. A blog can be a very powerful tool for SEO, as it allows you to write informative, detailed posts about various aspects of your industry. Other people can easily share your blog post via their own blogs or social media, with links back to your blog or main website.

In internet marketing, it’s essential that you build a database of customers or leads, whether it be though a mailing list, social media followers, etc. Marketing automation refers technologies and platforms designed for organizations to more effectively market to your database online, as well as perform automated repetitive tasks.

What Not to Have

In any SEO strategy, it’s just as important knowing what to exclude as it is knowing what to include.

Make sure you have none of the following:

– Old articles that are outdated and irrelevant

– Broken links

– Keyword stuffing

– Optimized anchors

– Backlinks from sites that are either irrelevant or penalized

– Duplicate content

– Low quality content

– Slow-loading website

– A website that isn’t mobile-friendly

– Cloaked or hidden keywords and text

Excluding all of these will help protect your site from being penalized. In order to reap the benefits of SEO, you need to do everything the right way. There are no shortcuts. It’s an ongoing process that requires patience.


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